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The "Allergy Sister" branch claims a refund on the grounds that the taste is not compatible. The store owner: I am not used to it!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Last month, Wuhan's "Allergy Sister" made most of the coffee circle recognize such a "legendary figure." Recently, a coffee shop owner said that he also encountered a customer who applied for refunds many times, suspected of being an "Allergy Sister Colon." The store owner said that the woman was in her own

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Last month, Wuhan "allergic Sister" made more than half of the coffee circle aware of such a "legend", and recently a coffee shop owner said he had also met a customer who had applied for a refund many times, suspected of "allergic Sister semicolon".

The shopkeeper said that when the woman applied for a refund for takeout for the first time in her store, she said the peach iced tea she bought was light in American taste. In order to confirm whether it was a mistake, the shopkeeper rejected the refund application and Wechat friend application through monitoring and self-examination to confirm that it was not an operational problem.

A month later, a guest contacted through Wechat that there was something wrong with the product and wanted a refund. As soon as the shopkeeper looked at the product photo sent by the other party, he recognized from the remarks on the label that it was the American style of peach iced tea that he had refused to refund, thought that the WeChat account or the other party's secondary account, and refused to request a refund again.

Yesterday, some guests on the takeout platform wanted a refund on the grounds that the meal was too greasy and sweet. Although the order number and mobile phone number shown on the order are different from the previous refund order, the shopkeeper found that the receiving address of the order was the same, confirming that the person who came to apply for a refund was the previous female guest.

According to the simple statistics of the shopkeeper, the guest placed six or seven orders, but applied for a refund three times in a row on the grounds that the drink was unpalatable. Although it did not cause economic losses, it made the shopkeeper very angry. So she posted a post on the social platform to remind her peers of the takeout user.

I never thought that after the post was sent, several shopkeepers contacted her, saying that she had confirmed that the customer had placed an order in his own store through the mobile phone tail number and part of the receiving address of the takeout order. and found that the other party also applied for a refund on the grounds that the drink was too light and too sweet.

Among these shopkeepers with the same experience, some refused to apply in order to retain customers to meet each other's requirements, while others refused to apply because they thought it was not their own fault.

In fact, there is a lot of behavior in the catering industry like "allergic Sister" looking for various reasons to ask for a refund. Some customers ask for a refund on the grounds of "eating foreign bodies" and "diarrhea after eating," and some even claim medical expenses. Many businesses have a reputation for their stores, and most of them choose to make peace and hope that customers can forget the past and come back again.

However, the merchant's "step back" may not be the second order from the customer, but the malicious claim from some people.

A man repeatedly ordered takeout meals and put flies in them, and then claimed more than 8000 yuan from 29 takeout shops on the grounds of a complaint, according to the Red Food Network. There are takeout users in Shanghai who have eaten hair and wire in nearly 200 takeouts in the past three years, asking merchants for refunds and compensation. In the end, both men were sentenced to seven months in prison and fined a certain amount.

Merchants said that the amount of these orders refunded for various reasons was small, and the pictures, videos and other evidence provided by customers were sufficient, which immediately made people think that they were really involved. Therefore, between the time-consuming and painstaking appeal to the police and direct compensation, most businesses choose the latter, which virtually encourages the arrogance of these guests who deliberately find fault and makes such things happen again and again.

In the face of consumer complaints, operators should check themselves and respond normally, retain relevant evidence and report to the case according to the circumstances, so as to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, rather than always be patient, so that these "allergic sisters" can take advantage of and succeed repeatedly.

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