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Emergency response! The current yogurt brand Mo yogurt has been exposed to use expired raw materials!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop This afternoon, the Beijing News released a video exposing that the well-known freshly made yogurt brand Mo Yogurt used ingredients that expired more than 40 days to make drinks. (Video from the Beijing News) According to reports, reporters from the Beijing News randomly recruited to enter Beijing from April to mid-May this year

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This afternoon, the Beijing News released a video revealing that the well-known ready-made yogurt brand Mo yoghurt uses ingredients that have expired for more than 40 days to make drinks.

(the video is from the Beijing News)

According to reports, a reporter from the Beijing News randomly applied for employment at four yogurt franchises in Beijing from April to mid-May this year, and found that all four stores had various problems while undercover.

In the Shijingshan Wanda store of Moyoghurt, when the reporter unsealed the oatmeal according to the request, he found that according to the information on the package, the raw material had expired for more than a month, but the clerk turned a blind eye and still added it to the customer's drink. And to the Ito Yanghua Hall branch, the reporter also found more than a month overdue bags of highland barley small materials.

In addition, the reporter also found that in order to cope with the inspection, the shop assistant will change the expiration label of fresh fruit on time, but will not do any treatment to the raw materials that exceed the prescribed expiration date. Some fruits can only be used on the same day, but the clerk didn't throw them away after closing. Some stores simply do not paste the term of validity, even if the raw materials are out of date, as long as the clerk smells the ingredients and does not feel the smell is wrong, they continue to use them.

In addition to the above, there are also some problems in stores, such as materials are not stored as required to accelerate their deterioration, Jerry-building is not made according to the formula list, and so on. According to the shop assistant, all kinds of small materials, fruits and other high costs, "can not afford to lose." It is up to the store manager to judge whether the raw materials are out of date or lost.

Part of the reason why the managers will use up the expired raw materials as much as possible instead of reporting for damage is that the franchisee boss will take stock of the cost, and the manager can get more salary in order to save costs and increase the turnover. They all choose to do so, turning these illegal operations into hidden rules of the store.

(the picture is taken from the official website of Moyoghurt)

Moyoghurt was founded in 2014, specializing in yogurt drinks made on site with fresh fruit. Yoghurt made of 100% milk due to "exquisite materials" is still favored by consumers even if the product price is more than 25 yuan. But recently the brand has been accused of food safety problems more than once.

On an online complaint platform, there are hundreds of complaints about yogurt, many of which are about the quality of drinks, such as "foreign bodies", "using rotten bananas", "a strange smell" and so on.

On March 13 this year, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission named Mo yoghurt to question the ingredients of its mango acid grandma. The test data showed that the fat content of the drink was 3.25 times that of protein and 2.77 times that of lactose, making it doubtful about the content of yogurt in the drink. Mo yoghurt responded to "no yogurt" as false remarks, misleading consumers, will be investigated in accordance with the law.

At present, a few hours after the release of the report, Moyoghurt issued an urgent apology, responding that it would attach great importance to it, and immediately set up an internal special audit team. After verification, the store mentioned in the report had seriously violated the rules and had been rectified as soon as possible. The store is required to close immediately and the contract will be terminated permanently.

However, Zhongxin Jingwei called the four stores as consumers. Learned that at present, there are two stores have been suspended, one store is suspended takeout business, but consumers can go to the store to buy on the spot. When another store was asked if it was open, the staff hung up immediately.

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