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10 camping chairs were stolen from the cafe! Thief: Blame it for being too comfortable

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop I don't know when it started. A coffee shop can be without a coffee machine, but it cannot be without camping tables and chairs. These days, camping-style furniture is popular throughout the catering industry. Even in the smallest store, owners like to put a few camping pictures indoors or in front of the door

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I don't know since when, a cafe can have no coffee machine, but it can't do without camping tables and chairs.

These days, camping style furniture is popular in the whole catering industry. No matter how small the store is, bosses like to put a few folding tables and chairs in the room or in front of the door to create a wave of leisure atmosphere. However, precisely because they are lightweight, space-saving and specially cleaned up, they are not only the goodness of the shopkeeper, but also the "focus of attention" of thieves.

Recently, the Yanghu police station of the Tunxi Public Security Bureau in Huangshan, Anhui Province, received a report that he had stolen a coffee shop in the Tunxi night market. after inventory, it was found that ten camping chairs placed in the yard were "missing." the purchase price of each chair is about 100 yuan.

After receiving the alarm, the police arrived at the store and, with the cooperation of the shopkeeper, conducted an investigation inside and outside the store to confirm that there was no sign of intruding in the room, cash and other property was not lost, only the ten camping chairs were missing. Do not steal cash, want to steal heavy, inconvenient chairs, this is why?

After checking the surveillance inside and outside the store, the video clearly recorded the whole theft process. At about three o'clock in the morning on the day the store was stolen, a man and a woman entered the coffee shop yard and rested on the camping chairs for a while. After some communication, they quickly got up and began to fold and lift the camping chairs, moved them out of the courtyard, quickly loaded them into a white car and walked away.

"when we drove to eat midnight snacks, we happened to pass by this coffee shop. We saw that the door was open. After going in for a while, we felt that the chair was very comfortable, so we discussed taking two of them back. We didn't control our greed all of a sudden. I got ten of them." On the theft of goods, the couple said, "I have never taken anything from others before, but now I really regret it, leaving a stain on my life."

At present, the case is under further processing. In response to the theft of camping chairs, the police also reminded the vast number of business operators to enhance their safety awareness and lock their doors after nightfall to prevent similar theft from happening again.

As a matter of fact, this kind of "0 yuan purchase" incidents that happen to shop owners are indeed quite a few. Whether in the dead of night or in broad daylight, bosses have tried to be frightened by door-to-door thieves, and all kinds of things disappear in the twinkling of an eye.

The whole sofa was moved to the store: the eldest brother has amazing arm strength.

Shopkeeper: who stole my chair? give it back!

Our fortune tree is gone.

Of course, the flowers in full bloom did not escape the "bandit".

Even the straw mattress.

Take all the stray cats' jobs. You're really hungry.

Chairs stolen, boxes stolen, even lemons in swaddling clothes.

Shopkeeper: can you at least let me have a taste of it and steal it again?

As an operator who opens a shop to do business, everyone's anti-theft awareness should not be too low. after the end of business in the evening, the door should be locked, and the monitoring system that should be installed had better not be saved. Tables, chairs, flowerpots, furnishings and other items should be packed and brought into the house as far as possible. Otherwise, when something disappears one day, it may not be possible to find a policeman to help you.

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