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Be careful! Bubble water American coffee may experience severe splashing after being de-iced

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee workshop summer is coming, and coffee circles are on the rise. In this rainy May day, the new actions on major brands are surprisingly consistent, all of whom launch sparkling water + coffee in unison. Throughout May, there was a joint "KFC and Wang Laoji"

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With the advent of summer, the coffee circle is new in high frequency. In this rainy May day, the new movements of the major brands are surprisingly consistent, all coincidentally launched sparkling water + coffee.

Throughout May, there was the American style of "cold tea bubble" jointly signed by KFC and Wang Laoji, followed by Manner's Huangpi Tang Li American style, followed by Cuddy's pomelo to see the bubble ice extract, and MStand launched the tamarind Biluochun bubble American style. In the past two days, Ruixing did not want to lag behind and returned to the once hot-selling style-orange gold bubble American style.

Open the social platform, the home page is suddenly filled with all kinds of fruity bubbles, "who is good and who is bad" has also become a hot topic, some people think it is mediocre, some people think it is refreshing and delicious, of course, some people find it difficult to swallow, after all, everyone is difficult to adjust.

However, for workers who want to produce according to the standard, when they receive orders for these bubbly fruit coffees, they are faced with a lot of headaches caused by individual customers' insistence on de-icing, which leads to coffee spraying than people's taste preferences for coffee.

Especially in Rui Xing, notes on the number of ice cubes or "de-icing / less ice" has always been a common way to reduce ice. In the face of these de-icing and less ice requirements, beaters usually comply with the requirements, but the American properties of these bubbles are special. Once ice is removed or less ice is removed, the whole cup of drink will continue to bubble and even spill over through the vaulted lid, even if it is affixed with sealing paper, and it will be scattered all over the table from the moment it is poured into the coffee liquid.

Coffee shop not long ago reported in the new Manner products mentioned that this kind of carbonated water after adding thermal concentration will quickly produce a large number of bubbles and continue to emerge, and then stir with a straw or shake vigorously, will directly aggravate the expansion of the foam.

With regard to the technique of not spraying, many experienced coffee makers also added that with the addition of enough ice, the bubble water is in a state of low temperature, so it is not easy to pour a large number of bubbles into the concentrate, and the less the ice is, the more intense the reaction will be after contact with the oil.

For the advertising of their own new products, some of the more rigorous teams actually make warm reminders, especially emphasizing the special properties of this kind of bubble drinks. For example, manner states in the picture and text of Huangpi Tang Li American style that only Mini Program and offline orders are supported, that is, not on the takeout platform; Lucky also stated in the picture and text released yesterday: [bubble series] does not support de-icing / less ice, and standard ice has a better flavor.

But you know, official publicity is one thing, and actual production is another. No matter whether or not the brand is marked that ice cannot be removed, many guests will still report the number of ice cubes or state that they do not put ice according to the past custom when ordering, in order to avoid bad comments, either take the order according to the remarks, or call each other to explain the situation. I can only refund the order if it's unacceptable. On the one hand is the company's strict production rules, and on the other is the risk of customers writing bad reviews, which is a real dilemma for beating workers.

As more and more guests insist on de-icing in the bubble series, and cases of on-site spraying continue to occur, these workers have also begun to learn the wisdom of filming the "rollover" directly, trying to dissuade them with "visual shock".

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