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What is a boat type filter cup? What is the difference between cone, fan and trapezoid? How to use Hario's new filter cups?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Every time a filter cup evaluation is published, recommendations about ship-shaped filter cups will always be received on the front and back streets. Ship type? I have heard of fan shaped, cone shaped, and flat bottom, but I have never heard of boat shaped filter cups?! So Qianjie, who listened to the advice, immediately took out the boss's wallet and placed an order quickly. After receiving the filter cup, Qian Jie understood why it was being

Every time a piece of filter cup evaluation, the front street backstage will always receive recommendations about the ship type filter cup. What is the type of ship? I've heard of fan-shaped, tapered, flat-bottomed, but never heard of ship-shaped filter cups? So Qianjie, who listened to the advice, immediately took out the boss's wallet and quickly placed an order. After receiving this filter cup, Qianjie understood why it was called the "ship type" filter cup.

Pegasus filter cup this filter cup is also produced by Hario, who invented the V60 filter cup, is a member of the Pegasus series, using the material of resin! From the appearance, the inverted ladder shape, the top wide and the bottom narrow, it is completely a trapezoidal filter cup. However, through a closer look, we can find that every structure of its body tells us that it is quite different from the conventional trapezoidal filter cup. Diversion bone: the first one is its cup wall! The conventional trapezoidal filter cup uses vertical downward guide bones, while the guide bone of Pegasus filter cup follows the same spiral design as V60, and the number of curved guide bones is also 12, which gives it more abundant exhaust space and faster launching speed. Experiments have proved that this is true, and the launching speed of the Pegasus filter cup is comparable to that of the V60.

Although the diversion bone has been changed, it is essentially a trapezoidal filter cup, so the trapezoidal filter paper can be applied directly, but the fit will be slightly worse.

Bottom: the second difference is the bottom of the filter cup! The bottom of this Pegasus seat filter cup has a flat bottom with double holes. The flat bottom can reduce the large accumulation of coffee powder in a certain position, so that the coffee powder can be extracted more evenly, while the application of double holes ensures the penetration speed of the coffee liquid. And because its bottom is oval, it looks very much like a ship from an overlooking point of view. So Qianjie speculated that the title of "ship filter cup" is likely to come from this.

Cup holder: the design of the cup holder is something special! A wide range of holes are made in the cup holder of this filter cup with the lower bracket. The purpose of the hole is to give you a more intuitive view of the water when cooking, so that you can make timely adjustments to the cooking.

The cup body color egg: the front body of the Pegasus filter cup will have two scale lines, because the model 01 Pegasus filter cup purchased in the front street, so the two marks mark the location of the powder quantity of 1 person and 2 people respectively. This can help measure the weight of coffee powder when there is no electronic scale, in order to find the right cooking method. (the scale for 1 person is 15g and the scale for 2 is 20g)

Then we will start to put it into use and see what the characteristics of the coffee brewed out of this Pegasus filter cup will be.

The coffee beans used in this brewing experiment are the claw of the dividing line manor, the amount of powder is 15g, the ratio of powder to water is 1:15, the screening rate is 85% of the No. 20 sieve, the ek43 scale is 9.5C, the water temperature is 92 °C, and the cooking method is three-stage. Similarly, double the amount of water (30ml) is used for steaming for 30 seconds, and then the second stage of hot water 110ml is injected in a large circle (oval circle) of small flow. When the water level is about to bottom, we inject the last section of hot water 85ml in the form of a small circle of large flow.

This claw is boiled with V60 for 1 minute and 57 seconds. The flavor is grape, passion fruit and apricot, with bright acidity and strong fermented aroma. The cooking time with the Pegasus filter cup is 1 minute and 53 seconds, and the flavor performance is almost the same, but the difference is that the claw flushed out with the Pegasus filter cup is less acidic and softer. In cooking, Qianjie found a drawback: if we want to enjoy the "inspection" effect of cup holder holes, then we can not brew from the front.

Because if we correct the filter cup for cooking, although the condition of the liquid column can be observed directly through the hole, when we lower the water level for water injection, the pot neck will hit the cup ear of the filter cup, which will affect the cooking. So you can either give up the observation of the liquid column and inject water in another direction (because there is only one side of the hole), or put the cup body slightly on the side, so that you can observe the water without touching the cup ear and affecting the cooking. (but you need to change the habit of circling, so it's a little less friendly.)

But on the whole, the performance of this filter cup is quite good! The price is not high and the brewed coffee tastes good. If you want to have fun, you can still buy it boldly (finally: this is still not an advertisement)