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Can I make coffee with ice? How much ice and water should be added to the same ice cream in a coffee shop?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, When many friends go to a cafe to drink coffee, they often have the mentality of learning while carefully observing the barista's movements and processes, while quietly asking for various parameters, hoping to reproduce the same taste when they go home. For example, recently, Qianjie stood in the bar and brewed iced coffee. The friends who came to watch not only

When many friends go to a cafe for coffee, they often have the mentality of learning by the way, while carefully observing the barista's actions and processes, while quietly asking about various parameters, hoping to reproduce exactly the same taste when they go home.

For example, recently, Qianjie stood in the bar to make iced coffee, and the onlookers not only stared at the kettle and powder layer, but also asked curiously: how much powder do you use here? How much ice and how much water? Ice first or ice later? How warm is the water? Should we pay attention to any tricks when injecting water?

When we have the same coffee beans, we don't have to "carry" all the parameters home. If we want to make the ice hands we drink in the store, we just need to learn a "universal formula":

Ice hand punch = coffee powder (fine grinding) + 10 times hot water + 5 times ice cubes.

After entering the pit to make coffee, many friends also know that a pot of delicious coffee is to find the right extraction rate and concentration, and usually coordinate with each other by adjusting grinding degree, water temperature, powder-to-water ratio, water injection techniques and utensils.

Compared with the hot hand, the ice hand brews more ice as a key element. in order to ensure that the final coffee is strong, flavored and cold, we must find a way to move some hot water to replace the ice. According to the extraction principle of hand flushing in front of thick and light behind, the less water injected, the stronger the coffee liquid will be, so that it will not be diluted too thin when added to the ice cubes.

Qianjie has summarized the ice flushing scheme of many kinds of coffee beans. When the ratio of powder to hot water is controlled at 1:10, the concentration of iced coffee is the best, and then add ice cubes with 5 times the amount of powder, the coffee liquid can also show a good flavor after being diluted and cooled. That is, the formula mentioned in the previous street article, take 15 grams of coffee powder per person as an example, 10 times hot water requires 150 grams, 5 times the amount of ice is 75 grams; if you make 20 grams for two, you need to use 200 grams of hot water and 100 grams of ice.

However, you should know that the less hot water is injected, the time of the whole extraction process will be shortened, and the most common situation is to change from the original 2 minutes to 1 minute 20 seconds, which also means that there is no chance to release the flavor substances in the later stage. then the whole cup of iced coffee is likely to be underextracted. In other words, although the concentration is enough, but the flavor is not enough! Therefore, in order to coordinate the release proportion of aroma substances, we have to adjust the fine grinding, and then affect the extension of the extraction time.

Different from other clear parameters, the degree of grinding of coffee powder has always been difficult to express accurately in words, and once the deviation is too large, it is easy to cause extraction problems, so Qianjie thinks that it only needs to be slightly refined on the basis of the usual hot impact grinding scale.

For example, the bean grinder used in the Qianjie store is EK43s. If a coffee is heated with a scale of 10, then adjust the scale to 9 to 9.5 when flushing ice. When using a hand grinder C40, the hot punch of a bean uses 24 squares, and the ice flush is reduced to 22 squares.

Medium and shallow roasted coffee beans: Tanzania Kilimanjaro powder quantity: 15g 10x hot water: 150g 5x ice: 75g water temperature: 93 °C grinding degree: EK43s scale 9 (No. 20 sieve pass rate 85%) filter cup: Hario V60 technique: three-stage type

Before filling the water, put the ice into the sharing pot (adding ice first / then adding ice will not have much effect on the flavor), pour in 15 grams of coffee powder. First, a small circle from the center is used to inject 30 grams of water into a small circle for 30 seconds, and then 60 grams of water is injected into the second stage according to the same method. When the water in the filter cup is about to be filtered, the remaining 60 grams of hot water is finished, and the final extraction time is between 1 minute and 50 seconds to 2 minutes.

Finally, shake the sharing pot to speed up the melting of the ice cubes, while fully shaking the coffee liquid to cool, and you can enjoy. In this way, the ice hand of Kilimanjaro tastes fresh and sour, with aromas of green jelly, berries and nuts in the mouth, with a hint of light flowers.

See here, perhaps some friends think it is still too troublesome, there is no do not pay attention to techniques, more direct and rough ice flushing program? Don't worry, there is. It is the "one-throw ice hand rush" developed by Mr. Pak Gu Zhe.

First of all, find a relatively slow filter cup, such as Kalita fan-shaped filter cup, Kono filter cup, infinite filter cup, flat-bottomed filter cup. The Mugen infinite cross star filter cup is demonstrated here in the front street. Then prepare a small spoon for stirring. Prepare 20 grams of coffee powder at a time, with a total water of 150 grams, then put 80 grams of ice in the pot ahead of time.

Coffee beans: Abu Manor, Panama sun Kadura powder + water + ice: 20g + 150g + 80g water temperature: 93 °C filter cup: Mugen infinite cross star filter cup grinding degree: EK-43s scale 7 (C40 falls at about 18x19 grid)

The operation is very simple. After all the coffee powder is poured in, the water is directly injected into 150 grams of hot water, and the injection time is maintained at about 10 seconds. Then draw a circle along the wall of the filter cup with a small spoon. After stirring about 10 times, wait for the coffee liquid to slowly flow into the next pot. The whole extraction process takes about 1 minute and 43 seconds.

Finally, remove the filter cup and shake the sharing pot until the ice melts into the coffee liquid, then pour it into an ice glass (if you think the concentration is too high, you can add 1 or 2 ice cubes according to your taste).

The ice hand extracted with one throw has a round taste, no obvious sour taste and strong taste, which also gives this cup of coffee the aroma of cinnamon, chocolate, peach and Darjeeling black tea.


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