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Drinking Ruixing coffee out of the towel?! Customer service response: It is pulp fiber

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Since Luckin's Lime C series was put on the shelves, its refreshing taste has been deeply loved by consumers. However, recently, some consumers bought a cup of lemon C drink and felt foreign while drinking it. She thought it was lemon pulp fiber at first, but after realizing that she couldn't chew it,

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Since Lucky's lime C series was put on the shelves, its refreshing taste has been deeply loved by consumers. Recently, however, some consumers have bought a glass of lime C drink, and the foreign body sensation has appeared in the process of drinking it. At first she thought it was lemon pulp fiber, but when she found that she couldn't chew it, she sensed that something was wrong and took it out and found it was next to a towel.

The netizen said that when he found a problem, he called the customer service to give feedback, who thought it was a foreign body formed after the pulp fiber was dried, which affected the taste of the customer. But customers believe that the green filamentous foreign body, whether in shape or taste, is not a normal lemon pulp, but more like some kind of fabric fiber.

In response, some lucky employees took photos to show the towels used in the store, including white towels with green edges. According to employees, different color towels have different uses, and towels can not be mixed, such as the green towels in the picture can only touch non-food objects, can not touch packing cups and other utensils that will come into contact with food.

Rui Xing has strict control over the beverage production process, and there is also monitoring above the bar to see if the shop assistant is operating in violation of the rules, so the shop assistants are careful and strictly follow the requirements. However, some employees reported that recently there are certain quality problems in this batch of towels, which may be due to the loss of catkins in the use of towels, thus accidentally flying into the packing cup.

However, in the comment area, some employees do not think that the misoperation of the shop assistant caused customers to eat foreign bodies similar to fabric fibers.

They said they had eaten the same chewable foreign body from the lime C series of drinks. "I made a cup and drank this, but I made it myself. I didn't use a green towel. It just tastes like a towel!" "I drank it once, and it tasted like silk thread," and "one day I drank it as an employee."

Among them, a lucky store manager said that he found a green foreign body when drinking lemon C European gas tanks produced by other stores, thinking that it was a clerk's mistake. When she ate the green foreign body again after drinking her own lime C staff in her own store, she thought that it was no accident that she had been "hit" twice in succession.

But it is also difficult for the manager to judge whether this is the cloth fiber dropped from the towel at the bar or the foreign body dropped into the raw material of lime C juice.

Luckily, all kinds of new fruit coffees are sold with "real juice" as the selling point, and the raw materials contain pulp fiber. From the pictures and feedback on the social platform, most of the lemon C series can drink lemon pulp.

But for those who drink the green foreign body, the rough and unchewable foreign body is more like cloth fiber, which is completely different from the "pulp fiber" in the customer service mouth.

So far, netizens in the post said that customer service contacted the store, and after inspection and monitoring, the store manager did not find that the clerk used green towels in the production process, and did not think that the green foreign body was the edge of the towel as the customer said. Consumers have not yet received the results of the treatment of "green foreign bodies" from customer service.

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