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I'm desperate! Starbucks employees are going to live broadcast shouting and selling rice dumplings!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop looked at the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival. The workers who had reached the KPI of Xingbing Rice Dumplings couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. The burden on them was much lighter, and their friends who had not yet reached the target were anxious. In order to sell off the Xingbing Rice Dumplings they had, they began to think of taking the lead.

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Looking at the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival, the workers who have reached the star ice dumplings KPI can not help but breathe a sigh of relief, the burden on their bodies is relaxed, while the little friends who have not yet reached the target fall into anxiety and begin to want to take the edge of the sword in order to sell the star ice dumplings on hand.

For example, this Starbucks guy, the microphone stands up, plugs in the microphone, turns on the live broadcast at the bar during office hours, and yells for guests to buy zongzi as soon as possible. The driver was really confused by the partners who went to work, and the customers couldn't help feeling that Starbucks employees did everything they could for a zongzi.

Some friends also pointed out that this little brother sells not only zongzi, but also the new perimeter launched by Starbucks. The furry microphone he used was jointly launched by Starbucks and Elvis Audio. He sold zongzi with his own products, and a live broadcast led to two products. Netizens called the little brother too good at life, and teased that it was time to come around Starbucks. Save employees a sum of money to buy a microphone.

As we all know, the Dragon Boat Festival should be called "zongzi robbery" for Starbucks employees, and they lose their hair at this time of year due to sales pressure. In order to turn the "annoying" star ice dumplings into sales, employees need to learn their own skills and spend a little work to attract guests to buy a pack.

However, the routines such as buying an order for drinks and gifts have been figured out by guests. Then order something fresh and send a copy of "Heaven falls Wealth" to the customers who sell zongzi. A partner who has just tasted the sweetness of winning the lottery said that as long as you buy a piece of Xingbing rice dumplings, you can get a bet on the lottery. "if you have nothing to do, you will have a chance to change your bike into a motorcycle." with a little bit of good luck, the attached lottery ticket may also win the lottery and easily earn back the money to buy rice dumplings.

The little friend took a fancy to the guestbook that the guests would read, leaving an advertisement for zongzi and a QR code on one page, featuring "those who wish to take the bait." As long as you cast a net in a few stores, maybe a financier's father is attracted by the advertisement while looking through it and sweeps the code on a whim, then you will have a place for the star ice dumplings that you can't sell on hand.

Of course, there are also pragmatic zongzi sellers who, with the permission of all parties, find a place where people come and go and set up a stall. as soon as the sign of "free tasting" is hung, adults and children passing by will be attracted. If you show a hand-made coffee or hand-shaking ice music at the scene, it is estimated that it will attract more attention.

If even this down-to-earth method can not increase the turnover of zongzi for the store, there may be only one way.

Pick up three small sticks, put the Trident in a conspicuous position, worship every day, so that some god can hear his sincere prayer, so that all the unsalable star ice dumplings will be bought by big customers tomorrow. After all, the end of science is metaphysics, as long as sincerely pray, the gods pity the workers who are soon driven crazy by zongzi, miracles may come!

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