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Two people were chased away after ordering a pot of tea. How about the per-seat consumption in the coffee shop?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily boutique coffee culture magazine Coffee Factory Starbucks consumption has caused widespread discussion, and many netizens also recognize the view that "the operator requires that the seated person consume reasonably." However, when two people only consume a pot of tea but are chased out by the clerk, is it appropriate? Recently, customers

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The issue of Starbucks seating has aroused widespread discussion, and many netizens also agree that "it is reasonable for the operator to require the occupants to spend." However, when two people only consume a pot of tea and are driven out by the shop assistant, is it appropriate?

Recently, some customers reported that they and their companions wanted to buy a pot of tea in a bookstore and were told by the clerk that they needed to buy a pot of tea by seat, while the pot of tea provided in the store was served for a single person, and customers could give them an extra cup if they asked. But the clerk stressed that if customers only order a pot of tea, they can only take one seat, and if they disagree, they can leave.

This tough rule made customers angry. In her view, a pot of tea could be shared by two people and would not be wasted. The shop assistant also said that he could provide another cup, so why did he have to ask for one pot of tea per person?

In fact, "seat consumption" appears not only in a bookstore, but also in some independent coffee shops. A consumer and a friend go to a coffee shop suitable for taking photos and clocking in. The store offers a set meal for one person, including a drink and a snack. In the eyes of consumers, the set meal can be shared between two people. But the clerk thinks that one-person set meal can only be counted as one-person consumption, and customers need to buy an extra set meal before they can be seated.

Although the consumption concern of seating and seating has been accepted by the public, it is reasonable for the business premises to charge consumers appropriate fees. However, netizens have their own views on the consumer content provided by the shopkeeper.

If only drinks are served in the store, then one cup per person is not too much in the eyes of many consumers. But if a cup of drink is replaced with a pot of tea, a "drink + dessert" set meal, and so on, in the view of some people, it is actually enough for two or more people to share, and the price is much more cost-effective than ordering a single drink per person.

On the other hand, the shopkeepers who launched these single-person products do not seem to have considered the actual situation of their customers, and most of the customers who enter the store by default must consume the same product by person. there is no argument whether a pot of tea for several people or a set meal that includes two meals.

Many people believe that such a strong stipulation that a person needs to consume the same product is not friendly to consumers, and there is a sense of "compulsory consumption". At the same time, it also tarnishes the image of the store among customers, which will virtually lead to poor reviews and complaints from customers.

However, for operators, seat-by-seat consumption means "one person per seat, one person consuming the same goods". A pot of tea for one person, a set meal for one person and other products seem to be more cost-effective than ordering two drinks, but in fact, the restaurant will control the size of the meal, just enough for one guest. From this point of view, it is understandable that the operator regards a pot of tea and a single set meal as the same commodity.

As netizens say, whether it is a bookstore or a coffee shop, they set a threshold to tell the guests what to do before they can be received. After understanding the rules, customers can decide whether to spend money on the products and services brought by a seat. If not, they can make do with it.

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