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Overlord Tea Girl and Starbucks, the two major brands staged a "public toilet commercial war"?!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory Starbucks and Overlord Tea Girl, one mainly sells coffee and the other mainly sells tea; one is a green mermaid and the other is a red singer. Whether from the brand logo or their own products, it seems that it does not constitute a direct competitive relationship, at most

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Starbucks and overlord Tea Girl, one specializing in coffee and the other in tea; one is a green mermaid and the other is a red singer. No matter in terms of brand logo or in terms of their own products, they do not seem to constitute a direct competitive relationship, but at best they are peers. But for some reason, these two brands have not only been frequently found offline by netizens, but also cobbled together into a pair of "WC's CP".

Not long ago, when some netizens were traveling, they saw the large round signs of Tea King and Starbucks at the entrance of an alley in the ancient town of Cicheng, Ningbo. they thought the picture was very interesting and posted it on social media with the title: "Chinese women never throw in the towel".

This was not surprising, but coincidentally, when standing in the middle, the two logo happened to be affixed to the buildings of the old town, so they bumped into a pair of CP. More coincidentally, against the stone wall decoration of the scenic area, one red and one green is very much like the guide sign of the public toilet. In this way, two "women" plus the whim of a group of melon-eating netizens, the overlord Tea Girl and Starbucks were forced to stage a "public toilet business war".

"two women who keep you awake."I thought it was a competition between two public toilets." on the left is the Chinese women's toilet, and on the right is the foreign women's toilet. "Sister Ji has a collarbone, which means that drinking tea is thinner than drinking coffee." Starbucks won! because he has two votes, Tea my Concubine 0 votes.

In addition to the thought-enlightened speeches in the comment area, the CP made up of Tea King and Starbucks also evoked the netizens' ability to switch the colors of the two logo into a green singer and a red mermaid. The view of the brand does not know, but netizens seem to be very immersed in this "WC shopping station", even to distinguish between the high and low.

Facts have proved that the relationship between Tea my Concubine and Starbucks is not as harmonious as it seems. For example, on the International Tea Day a few days ago, Tea my Concubine set a small goal for the star Buck: China's sales are higher than those of Starbucks China. It can be said that the smell of gunpowder is directly filled.

On the other hand, in the area of offline stores, the two major brands of Tea King and Starbucks do often appear in the same frame, either left and right, or up and down, or how to put them together appears to be full of CP, so that netizens can't help but exclaim "really like a good sister" when they pass by. Originally thought that since ancient times red and blue CP, now overlord tea concubine and Starbucks unexpectedly cobbled together a pair of red and green CP.

Since "Wanli Magnolia" was rumored to have made people unable to sleep, the overlord Tea Girl finally responded to the causes of consumers' insomnia a few days ago: the caffeine content of a cup of "Wanli Magnolia" is about the same as a cup of latte. Wait a minute, this response is soon reminiscent of a divine picture from a netizen:

Chinese tea = coffee = insomnia

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