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What kind of Manternin is the golden Manternin? What is the relationship between PWN Coffee Raw Bean Company and Sumatra?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Just like talking about Jamaica and thinking of Blue Mountain coffee, when people talk about Indonesia, they will think of the local specialty coffee-Manternin. There are very rich types of Mantenins, and the "Golden Mantenins" are the best among the Mantenins. On the market, we may encounter different golden mantes

Just as Jamaica is associated with Blue Mountain Coffee, whenever we talk about Indonesia, people will think of Manning, a local specialty coffee. The variety of Mantenin is very rich, and "Golden Manning" is one of the best among them.

In the market, we may encounter different gold mantenin, although they all have the "gold name", but most of them are not the real gold manning. So, what kind of Manning can be called Golden Manning? Before that, let's find out what Manning is.

What is Manning? The naming of Manning coffee is very different from that of other coffees. The name is not the name of a producing area, a growing area, or a bean seed. Because Mantenin is produced in Sumatra, Indonesia, Manning's beans can be either iron pickup, tim tim or Ateng, because any Arabica coffee beans produced in Sumatra, Indonesia can be named after Mantenin. So we can see that the name Mantenin is not a place name, a bean name. In fact, Qianjie has been shared before, the name "Mandailing" is derived from the name of a local ethnic group in Lake dopa, Sumatra, Indonesia. In a coincidental accident, it naturally became the name of coffee beans in a producing area! It sounds like a mouthful, but it is.

And I believe you have more or less heard of this story: during the Japanese occupation of Indonesia, a Japanese officer and soldier drank a kind of coffee in Indonesia, which he thought was very good. So he asked the shop owner the name of the coffee bean, but because of the language difference, the shop owner thought he was asking about their ethnic group, so he gave the name "Manning". When the Japanese officer returned to Japan, he was so concerned about the delicacy that he wanted to buy this manning coffee through his friends who were trading in Indonesia. However, no matter how this friend looked for it at that time, he could not find a bean named "Manning", so he sold him Arabica coffee beans produced on the island of Sumatra in northern Indonesia. Unexpectedly, this batch of beans were very popular in Japan, so, in this way, Manning's name spread incorrectly, and gradually got the recognition of the market. So from here on, the coffee beans produced in Sumatra can bear the name of Mantenin. In Mantenin, there are also many kinds, and the classification methods are also very rich. In addition to the regular Mantenin, there are Longguo Manning, Lin Dong Manning, and other different producing areas, appearance of Mantenin, of course, there is today's theme "Golden Manning".

Gold Manning does not mean that his appearance has a color as beautiful as gold. Why? Because "Golden Manning" is a brand name, a trademark, a trademark created and registered by PWN.

PWN company PWN is an Indonesian coffee raw bean manufacturer with the full name "Puwani Coffee company". It was founded in 1957 and was the first Indonesian company to export coffee from North Sumatra. The friend mentioned in the above story is the boss of this company, a businessman surnamed du from Quanzhou. At the beginning, most of the coffee beans Mr. du exported to Japan came from Sumatra, so over time, the Arabica coffee beans produced in Sumatra were collectively called Mantenin. It can be said that the company contributed to the spread of Manning. In 1977, Mr. du's son took over the company. Mr. du, who is well-known to his father, believes that his company's products must be different from other products of the same category in order to gain more advantages. So they began to set standards for export goods to emphasize that their own goods are better. So at this time, PWN began to focus on the export of high-quality Mantenin coffee and Robusta coffee. The main destination for exports is Japan, followed by Taiwan Province and the United States. According to later statistics, Mantenin, which is exported from Japan and Taiwan Province of China, accounts for 95% of the company's total coffee exports. Of course, Japan accounts for the vast majority. Because of geography, Indonesia has become the nearest source of coffee beans in Japan. The Mantenin produced by PWN also lived up to expectations and was distinguished from other mantenins with higher quality at that time.

The conventional requirement of the highest grade Mantenin is to use 3 manual screening, no more than 3 defective beans in 300g raw beans, and the number of beans is 18 mesh. On the other hand, PWN will have higher requirements for Mantenin. The number of beans will be 19 mesh. Not only will they be screened three times manually, but also another machine will be selected. The beans will be screened by machine for density color separation. Finally, the beans will be neat and uniform in color. Compared with the conventional Mantenin, the strictly screened gold manning has a cleaner taste, softer sour taste, less wild earthy smell and higher alcohol thickness. Therefore, the name Gold Manning implies that the quality of its output is higher, comparable to that of gold. As a result, it has a higher reputation in the same category of Mantenin, fully achieving Mr. du's vision.

With the fire of Golden Manning, more and more people began to follow suit, imitating different types of "Golden Manning". There are "Golden Manning" named for the golden appearance of beans, and "Golden Manning" named for large beans of 20 or more mesh (think that large beans are more delicious and better). So PWN registered Gold Manning as a trademark in 2003. (PS: coffee beans are not the bigger the better, and the size is not directly related to the formation of flavor.) even so, there are countless fake gold manning on the market, so PWN launched the "anti-counterfeit certification". The merchant who buys PWN gold manning raw beans will receive a certificate provided by PWN, and the three initials of PWN will be printed on the sacks of raw coffee beans.

So we can know that only the gold manning produced by PWN is the real gold manning. Although up to now, PWN Gold Manning may not be the best Manning, but it must be the first to make norms and pay attention to quality. That's why PWN Gold Manning is famous all over the world and has a relative reputation!


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