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How to make a flavored latte? What syrup do you add to your Italian milk coffee? Can I add a piece of sugar to stir up the milk foam?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Not all friends can accept the bitterness of coffee, so many coffee shops will set up some flavored lattes on the menu, so that friends who cannot drink the bitterness can also enjoy delicious lattes. (For example, the considerate front street!) The so-called flavored latte is to add various flavored syrups to regular lattes, such as

Not all friends can accept the bitterness of coffee, so many coffee shops will set some flavor lattes in the menu, so that friends who can not drink bitter can also enjoy delicious lattes. (such as the intimate front street!)

The so-called flavor latte is to add various flavor syrup to the regular latte, such as rose latte, hazelnut latte, caramel latte and so on, which are mostly lattes mixed with flavor syrup. The addition of syrup can not only add a unique flavor to the coffee, at the same time, the sweetness of syrup can also mask the bitterness of coffee, for friends who can not drink bitter, it is a very friendly product. However, Qianjie recently found that there was a dispute over the "entry point" of syrup!

How should this syrup be added to the coffee? Put it in the cup or in the milk jar? The main reason for this problem is hot-flavored lattes, after all, ice-flavored lattes are exactly the same! Because of this matter, there has been a lot of discussion in various media, so today let's take a look at how this syrup should be added.

How should I add the syrup? Netizens divided into two groups and launched an "academic debate" on the issue about how to add syrup. One side thinks that the syrup should be put in a cup and mixed with the concentrate! Because this friend thinks that doing so can eliminate a lot of working procedures, which is convenient and fast.

On the other hand, the friend of the other side thinks that the sugar should be put in the milk. Because they feel that milk accounts for 80% of the whole cup of coffee, they pour syrup into it so that the syrup can be better integrated into the milk (equivalent to better coffee).

So who is right and who is wrong? Might as well let us prove this point through practice. The Italian beans used in Qianjie are still warm sun mix. The combination of 70% Shirley and 30% red cherries has the slightly tipsy aroma of whisky, the sweet taste of butter cookies, and the slight acidity of medium and deep baking. The milk is bright fresh milk (200ml) and the syrup is taffy syrup (10ml). It will better match the wine flavor of warm sun mix! Then the extraction parameters are as follows: 20g powder, 1:2 powder-liquid ratio, 30 seconds extraction time; milk is 200ml sent to 65 °C.

We first add sugar to the latte bowl of group An and the milk jar of group B respectively, and then make regular lattes! When the production is finished, drink it many times from multiple angles and quickly!

Unexpectedly! It turned out to be the opposite! On the contrary, the latte with sugar in the cup is more comprehensive, and the floating cream grease and coffee have the sweetness of toffee, while the latte with syrup in the milk jar tastes very incongruous. the imported cream grease is the bitterness of the coffee oil itself, while the bottom coffee is sweet, which forms a sharp contrast like dirty. When you compare the two at the same time, you will find that the latte with syrup added to the milk jar is not so sweet! This makes people wonder, obviously the same sugar, milk, coffee, but a change of sugar position, there will be such a big difference!

But in fact, the principle is very simple! This is because the syrup is constantly sent and heated after adding milk, and fructose is transformed into its isomer, glucose, which is not as sweet as fructose, so it is slightly less sweet after being blown away; then, because the foam cannot be fully fused with the oil during fusion, there is a reason why the coffee liquid below is sweet and the bubble with oil above is bitter. In addition to the non-sweet and low fusion of the sugar, adding the sugar to the milk will also cause the steam bars and tanks to be deeply cleaned so that the syrup attached to the surface can be removed. So we know that if you want to make a flavored latte, it's best to add syrup to the coffee cup instead of hanging out with the milk in the flower jar. Because not only will the degree of integration be higher, the sense of experience will be better, but also you don't have to spend too much time on cleaning.


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