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High-altitude coffee has become popular, and office buildings have become small waist shooting spots?! Workers break the defense!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Recently,"High-altitude Coffee" photographed with Guangzhou Xiaomanyao has become popular on social platforms. It can be seen from the photos shared by netizens that they either stood or sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass, including the Guangzhou Tower in the distance, themselves and the coffee in their hands into the framing frame

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Recently, "High-altitude Coffee", which was taken with Xiaoman's waist in Guangzhou, has become popular on social platforms. From the photos shared by netizens, they can be seen standing or sitting in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass, putting the distant Guangzhou Tower, themselves and their coffee into the frame, and they can easily get a picture full of artistic conception. It is precisely because of these beautiful photos that the coffee shop on the 41st floor of the office building has become a new sign-in point for hipsters.

It is not uncommon to open coffee shops in high-rise office buildings. There are also many hotels and cafes with high-altitude beauty as selling points in the office buildings around the Guangzhou Tower, but these places that can enjoy the beautiful posture of Xiaoman waist either need to be booked in advance, or the overall consumption level is on the high side.

The coffee shop, which just opened last week, belongs to store by.jpg, a Guangzhou chain, with low per capita consumption. And it is said that as long as personal information is registered at the front desk of the office building, you can go upstairs to take pictures. For young people who want to get a beautiful picture out of the circle, this is undoubtedly a cost-effective choice.

However, when they saw that the elevator doors were full of tourists, the efficiency workers couldn't help breaking the guard. They reflect that elevators in high-rise office buildings are already very difficult to wait during the rush hour, and now there are more tourists competing with them for the use of elevators, which has virtually increased the difficulty of elevators.

In addition, due to the wide view and few quiet people on the 41st floor of the office building, this area has always been a good place for tenants to relax or hold meetings and work. But after the coffee shop opened, the clean place where migrant workers had a rest was occupied by guests who punched in and took pictures.

The recent surge in passenger traffic, only rented a corner of the 41st floor of the jpg store in short supply, many customers can not find a place after buying drinks, instead to the 41st floor of the public area to rest and chat. Tenants in the building said that the office itself is an office space, and now the quiet and empty shared area is noisy all day because a coffee shop has become an online celebrity punching point, which has affected the working environment of the workers in the building.

Some tenants said that since the popularity of "High-altitude Coffee", people need to squeeze elevators on the 41st floor, there is a long line in front of the gate on the 1st floor, and the front desk registration office is even more people. this overcrowded scene is not consistent with the image of high-end office buildings. it may give a bad impression to the visiting company customers.

Perhaps after receiving a large number of complaints from tenants, the property owners have begun to queue for numbers after consultation with the coffee shop. Customers at the scene said that the property was only given out 100 numbers a day, and those who did not get the number could not go upstairs to take pictures, thus restricting the passenger flow upstairs and reducing the number of people waiting in line downstairs.

At the same time, the tables and chairs originally placed on the 41st floor for rest have been removed from the property, and the entire public area is empty. Notices are also placed at the door of the coffee shop to remind guests to eat in designated areas and not to walk around at will, so as not to affect the workers in the building who are trying to move bricks.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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