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Be investigated! Vietnam's "One-Way Dating" cafe is suspected of violating regulations!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Nowadays, coffee shops have various themes, including dating cafes that help young people get off their orders. This is the case for a coffee shop called "Mina Coffee" in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The store is dominated by white, and the surrounding walls are decorated with black glass

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Nowadays, cafes have a variety of themes, including matchmaking cafes that help young people get out of order. This is the case with Mina Coffee, a coffee shop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The main color of the store is white, and the surrounding walls are decorated with black glass mirrors, which looks no different from the cafes on the street.

Maybe my friends will think that the way of dating in this store is for men and women to sit down and talk face to face. In fact, the male customers who arrive at the store will be taken into a black-themed room where they can see the every move of the female customers in the white coffee office through the one-way glass on the wall. If you see the right person, you can try to get in touch for 5 minutes to see if they are interested in each other, and then decide whether or not to go to the dating room in the store to continue the blind date.

During the whole dating process, male customers can observe through one-way glass, but female customers cannot observe their blind dates in the same way. The only thing they know about male customers is a pre-filled form about personal information.

Vietnamese media say the Mina Cafe model evolved from a cafe that was once popular in Japan. In cafes such as Japan, male customers can chat with girls through one-way glass and continue dating if they think they are suitable. However, such cafes may be illegal, so they have long been unpopular in Japan.

Mina Cafe, which imitates the Japanese model, attracted netizens' attention after opening, but the traffic brought not praise to the cafe, but a lot of curses. Many people think that the one-way glass in the store makes female customers look like "goods" in the window, being examined and selected by male customers without being informed by the store, which is very uncomfortable.

In addition, the charging model in the store has also been complained by netizens that it is "unfair". The store provides male customers with four matchmaking packages of different lengths. Male guests can only enter the room to start "one-way dating" after paying the money, and the catering fees generated in the process have to be paid separately. The observed female guests were able to enjoy free drinks.

In addition to the matchmaking service, the cafe also offers services such as showing foreign tourists around the city. But this is not the popular impression of tour guide service, but male customers pay the girls who accompany the tour in exchange for the "service" provided by each other.

Many people worry that the "one-way dating" and extra services in cafes will hurt women and infringe on their rights. As it turns out, netizens' worries are not overdone. Male customers secretly took pictures of the girl behind the glass during the "blind date" in the cafe.

In the face of controversy on social media, the shopkeeper said the model is designed to give men the initiative to pair, and women can also decide whether to agree to the match or not. This sounds fair, but judging from the promotional copy of the cafe, this is not the case.

The store advertises on multiple platforms, and on platforms such as TikTok and Ins, they attract female consumers by clocking in photos and chatting, without mentioning the matchmaking service in the store. On the other hand, the publicity on domestic social platforms is aimed at male consumers. Due to the recent controversy, the shopkeeper closed the social media account on June 1, and the domestic account is no longer available.

But the owner said the cafe would remain open and would still use one-way glass until the end of July. After that, they will consider switching to regular glass and plan to launch a dating matching service for LGBT groups.

On June 3, the Vietnamese police went to the store to investigate him. Although the police found no evidence that the cafe was suspected of harming women, they found other violations: no labor contract with employees, no food hygiene permit and violation of fire regulations, and said they were dealing with these problems.

After this investigation, it is not known whether the cafe can continue to operate as planned.

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