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Another celebrity opens a coffee shop, this time it is Bai Jingting's turn! Fans lined up for three hours!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop In recent years, young people's enthusiasm for opening coffee shops has not subsided, and this craze to open coffee shops has also swept into the entertainment industry. Singer Lin Junjie, who loves coffee, opened several small miracle coffee shops in China, and after him, many stars followed his example

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In recent years, young people's enthusiasm for opening coffee shops has not abated, and this craze for opening coffee shops has also swept into the entertainment industry. Lin Junjie, a coffee-loving singer, opened several small miracle coffee shops in China, and after him, many stars followed his example and opened their own brand coffee shops.

Yesterday morning, the GOODBAI coffee shop officially opened, and there was a long queue before the door was opened, which became a conspicuous scenery on Yanqing Road. Most of the people in line are fans of the store's owner and actor Bai Jingting.

It is understood that GOODBAI is a trend brand founded by Bai Jingting, the brand is mainly to sell a variety of fashion clothing, brand periphery. The coffee shop that opened yesterday not only allows fans to taste delicious meals, but also the brand's offline physical store, where you can buy clothing around the store.

Even though it was a working day yesterday, enthusiastic fans went to sign in. Fans at the scene said that the staff will enter in batches of 10 people, and customers of each batch will be allowed to visit the store for 20 minutes.

It is said that the brand adopts this approach in order to enable customers to have a better consumer experience. But it also led to long queues for fans, with many saying they had to wait at least an hour to enter the store, while others waited three hours to buy the coffee they wanted.

Such a grand queue also appeared when another actor, Wang Hedi, opened his D.DESIRABLE coffee shop. The shop is divided into two floors, the first floor sells coffee drinks, the second floor sells brand fashion clothes and perimeter, and so on.

The weather was not beautiful on the opening day of the store in early April, but it rained all day and did not persuade fans to quit. Many people lined up outside the store for nearly three hours with umbrellas, just to buy a cup of coffee and take a look at what the star's brand store looks like.

In addition, according to netizens, singer Jay Chou also set up a coffee shop in Beijing, which was seen by passers-by a few days ago. At present, although the coffee shop is not open to the public, fans in Beijing can't bear the expectation and step on the spot near the store. It is conceivable that once the coffee shop officially opens, there will probably be a sea of people around here.

It is not uncommon for stars to enter the catering industry. Before that, stars have opened hot pot restaurants, bars and so on. Now at the forefront of the trend, they have noticed the coffee drinks that are popular with young people, opened coffee shops one after another, and used their celebrity effect to join the highly competitive coffee track, which is naturally sought after by young people.

For fans, what they drink in the coffee shop run by their idols is not delicious coffee, but their deep love for their idols. Behind the series of line-up operations like punching in, buying peripheral packages and taking photos and sharing, they support the star's own brand.

Most of them may not care whether the coffee they buy is good or good value for money. After all, in the eyes of fans, the actual action of spending half a day buying a cup of coffee can better reflect their feelings for their idols than the money they pay.

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