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Why does latte need flowers? What should I pay attention to when making Italian hot milk coffee? Will pulling flowers make coffee better?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Most Italian hot milk coffees are produced with an exquisite drawing flower pattern. The simple ones include white hearts, leaves, and tulips, and the more complex ones include combinations of animals and cartoon patterns. These drawing flowers are skills learned by the barista over countless days and nights and consuming a lot of materials. And some friends will admit

Most Italian hot milk cafes are produced with a beautiful flower pattern, with simple white hearts, leaves and tulips, while more complex ones have a combination of animals and cartoons. These flowers are skills acquired by baristas who have spent countless days and nights consuming a large number of materials. And some friends will think that the flower pattern will not affect the taste of coffee, for a pattern to consume so much material and time, pull flowers, is it really necessary?

Before we understand this answer, we might as well take a look at why flower pulling does not affect the taste of coffee!

Why doesn't flower pulling affect the taste of coffee? The taste and taste of milk coffee are mainly affected by the choice of coffee beans and milk, as well as the quality of extraction. The so-called "coffee flower pull" is a kind of behavior of drawing patterns on the coffee oil through the milk foam sent by steam heating, only using the original materials for drawing, so it will not change the taste and taste of the coffee.

Qianjie has been specially tested before to find out the difference between a hot latte and a hot latte. The results show that except for the influence of fusion time, there is no big difference when other operations and extraction are consistent. So, why does coffee still need flower pulling?

First, no matter what era it is to add visual experience to coffee, the first thing that attracts guests' attention is often not the nature and function of the product, but the visual beauty, thus stimulating their desire to buy and consume! The flower pattern of coffee plays such a role.

For example, at the beginning, most people do not know what kind of coffee a latte is, but can only convey the idea that it is a refreshing drink full of bitterness. But after seeing the golden color and delicate flower pattern, people will have a delicious reverie about this cup of coffee, thinking that it will taste as mellow, rich and delicious as it looks on the outside. And then start to try such a drink, although most people's fantasies will be broken on the spot. It is because of this that traditional hot milk coffee such as latte and cappuccino can become a coffee product known to all on the street. When you think of a latte or a cappuccino, there is a good chance that people will think of a cup of coffee with a beautifully patterned cup of coffee, even if you haven't drunk it.

Second, add emotional value to coffee-a delicate dish can make guests visually receive a message that the producer pays more attention to the product, which is why the food is so exquisite, and so is coffee. As said at the beginning of the front street, whether it is a simple love pattern or a complex animal pattern, it takes baristas to practice for countless hours behind their backs before they can finally show a delicate and beautiful flower pattern. On the other hand, guests can get this information from the flower pattern, which makes it easier to feel that the maker attaches importance to this cup of coffee.

For example, when a latte with a delicate flower pattern and a latte without a pattern are put together for people to choose from, people tend to subconsciously think that the cup of coffee with the pattern will taste better.

Because the existence of the flower takes the lead in seizing the interest of the guests, the exquisite pattern will make people think that the barista has devoted more attention to this cup of coffee. Therefore, before drinking, the answer is because of the existence of the flower pattern to make a preliminary judgment.

Therefore, for commercial milk coffee products, coffee flower is quite necessary. It can not only make the guests have a better experience, but also convey to the guests their own attention to the products. And if you make it for yourself to drink, you only need to ensure the quality of the material, there is no problem with the extraction, whether you pull flowers or not is OK, after all, it tastes good! For example, Qianjie is submissive when pulling flowers for guests, and ↓ when making hot lattes for themselves.