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Introduction to Ethiopia's 2024 TOH Champion Coffee Region

Published: 2024-06-13 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Africa is located in the southwest of the Eastern Hemisphere, spanning the north and south of the Equator, and is in the coffee growing belt. Therefore, many countries in Africa grow coffee, such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, etc. Among them, Ethiopia is recognized as the birthplace of coffee. So, in 2000, these African countries

Africa is located in the southwest of the Eastern Hemisphere, across the north and south of the equator, and is in the coffee growing belt, so coffee is grown in many countries in Africa, such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and so on. Ethiopia is recognized as the birthplace of coffee.

As a result, these African countries established the African boutique coffee association AFCA in 2000 to help African coffee-producing countries develop coffee trade and improve coffee quality. And launched an East African harvest season flavor contest East Africa Taste of Harvest Competition referred to as TOH, a coffee raw bean cup test contest held by 11 coffee producing countries in Africa, similar to the international COE raw bean competition.

TOH is divided into national tournaments and African regional finals, based on CQI and SAC raw bean cup scoring standards, while the winners of national competitions will be able to represent the country in the African regional finals.

Earlier this year, the African boutique coffee association AFCA, in cooperation with the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, hosted the 2024 TOH competition in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

In this year's Ethiopia TOH competition, there are 75 companies with 212 Arabica coffee beans, including 45 washing groups, 159 sun exposure groups and 8 honey treatment groups. The competition will select the top five in the sun group and water washing group, while the honey treatment group will choose the top three.

Testi Trading Plc Corp.

In this suntan group, the winner, Testi Trading Plc, is a family business founded by Mr. Faysel Abdosh in 2009. The farm is located in the village of Bensa woreda, Bombe kebele, Durato, Sidama District. He is a member of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), the Best Coffee Association in Africa (AFCA), the Ethiopian Coffee exporters Association (ECEA) and the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce (ECC).

The company, which has 315 hectares of land and 20 washing stations in Ethiopia, has been following strict sorting and screening efforts to provide high-quality washed coffee beans.

Eseham Trading plc Corp.

The champion of the washing group was won by Eseham Trading plc, a company located in Guji-Hambella in Guji Humbera, founded by the Ismael Hassan and Hamid Haseen brothers in 2014. at present, the company has eight coffee processing stations located in the towns of Hambella, Uraga and Kercha, which are located in the Guji coffee producing area, at an altitude of 2000-2300 meters. The first washing batch of TOH that won this award is from Guji Hambella Bule Hamabal processing station.

Yihonal Trading plc Corp.

The winner of the honey treatment group is Yihonal Trading plc, which is located in Sidama-Abigona Sidama-Arbegona, which is produced by Duwancho Coffee processing Station. It is the coffee farmers' cooperative in the surrounding villages of Duwancho, Rumudamo, Bochesa and Shamatanto, which was established in 2019. There are 213 coffee farmers growing bananas, passion fruits and other crops in addition to coffee trees.