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How to use the coffee shower drip filter? Can strong water flow when making coffee by hand cause blockages? How to use the stirring method?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, When many novice friends first started learning to make coffee, they always couldn't control the water flow well, causing the injected hot water to have too strong penetration! Excessive penetration will greatly improve the turbulence effect, which can easily cause the fine powder to be carried to the bottom by the water to block the filter paper, and eventually cause the coffee to pass due to too long extraction time.

Many novice friends in the beginning to learn to make coffee, always because can not well control the flow of water, resulting in the injection of hot water has too strong penetration! Excessive penetration will greatly improve the spoiling effect, which can easily lead the fine powder to the bottom of the water to block the filter paper, eventually causing the coffee to be overextracted because it takes too long to extract.

In order to reduce the impact of these unfamiliar operations on cooking, just like the auxiliary wheels of bicycles, many small toys have emerged in recent years, which can be said to be very friendly to novice players. This is not, Qianjie bought another small hand toy today. It is said that the following one, which has a strange appearance, can change the injected water flow and make the extraction more uniform, so what is the actual effect?

The strange-looking prop of the drip filter is called "drip filter". As shown in the picture, it looks like a showerhead with several permeable holes. When brewing, just pour hot water on this "showerhead" and the hot water will be diverted automatically and drip down in the softest way!

The side of the shower is connected with a portable steel bar, which we can use or disassemble according to our own preferences. If you don't want a hand-held shower, you can remove the steel bar, install it on your own DIY mold, and then place it on the filter cup for easy cooking. For example, this way ↓

(Origami's filter cup holder) in addition, there is a transparent stirring rod that comes with the sprinkler, which, as its name suggests, can serve as a stirring during cooking. After all, after the water has lost its impact, it is difficult for the powder bed to tumble with the water, and the extraction efficiency is greatly reduced. At this point, we need the help of external forces to forcibly extract the flavor substances.

The items and uses attached to this shower are like this ~ although it is very easy to use, we still need to pay attention to a lot of details!

First, the flow rate of other equipment manufacturers have also produced similar auxiliary props, such as Hario, Tai Mill and so on. But their number of holes is different, which means that they will have different rates of water infiltration. The more holes, the faster the flow rate. And this hand-held shower has a lot of holes, fully 31!

This means that its water seepage rate will be very astonishing. When the amount of water injected is greater than the launching speed, the water level will be raised. If there is no coarse grinding at this time, then the whole filter cup will evolve from the original trickle extraction to the immersion extraction because of slow water infiltration. Although it will not be over-extracted, it is easy to make the coffee lack a sense of hierarchy. Therefore, it is best to use rougher grinding to increase the speed of water infiltration and reduce the soaking time.

Through the test, Qianjie found that there is also an advantage of fast launching, that is, there will not be too many limitations on the use of the filter cup! When hot water is injected, the water will soon seep out of the hole, so it only changes the impact of the current, not the position of the fixed flow. We can determine where it falls into the water by going in circles as we usually do to make coffee! If there is no such feature, then it will be more suitable for the use of cake filter cup!

Second, the water temperature because the water will first come out of the spout and then fall on the powder bed, this process will reduce the temperature of the water to a certain extent, so when we use it, we need to raise the temperature of the boiling water to a certain extent to correct the temperature seized! At the same time, due to the roughening of grinding, the lack of part of the extraction efficiency, so we also need to carry out a certain degree of correction from the water temperature.

Although we can use showers to reduce the intensity of water injected into coffee, we still have to control the flow when we inject showers. Because if the impact of the injected water is too high, the hot water will be ejected and sprinkled because of the reaction force, and eventually fall outside the target or outside the filter cup! (for example)

That's all we need to pay attention to, so let's take a look at how this drip filter should be used.

In front of this cooking, Ethiopian fruit dingding is used in the front street, the amount of powder is 20g, the ratio of powder to water is 1:15, ground to Ek43, the screening rate of sieve 20 is 75%, the water temperature is 96 °C, the filter cup is Origami, the cooking method is something special, it is a stirring five-stage type! And the so-called five-stage style is to divide the 300ml hot water into five stages, each of which is 60ml! Then it will be steamed and stirred in the first stage so that the water can better permeate all the coffee powder! All right, don't say much, let's start our cooking!

We first pour the coffee powder into the filter cup, and as the water temperature reaches the specified temperature, we can start to inject it! Remember to press the timing button in advance, otherwise there will be no spare hands to press the button later! Then we inject hot water into 60ml! After the injection, take out the stirring stick to stir, so that the coffee powder can release carbon dioxide more quickly, and the subsequent hot water can have better extraction conditions.

After the steaming time, we picked up the dripping filter and put it over the powder bed, and the position of the shower was about the same as the mouth of the filter cup! Then inject 60ml hot water around the big circle (the big circle inside the flower sprinkler), and then inject the third section of 60ml hot water after the water level drops!

When the third stage of hot water is about to seep through, we inject the fourth and fifth stages of hot water in turn around a small circle, and then we just need to wait for the fifth stage of hot water to seep out, and the extraction is complete!

The total duration of this cooking is 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Although it is relatively long, the taste of it is quite good! Pineapple, citrus and other tropical fruits should have a good performance, in addition, because of the extension of extraction time, the coffee has more mellow, at the same time, the sense of tea is more obvious. It tastes like a cup of pineapple-flavored green tea! On the other hand, the cooking method adopted in the front street above is the B scheme recommended by the government, and we can not rigidly adhere to this method, and we can also add the use of dripping filter in the regular cooking! For example, after the second stage of hot water injection, it is found that there may be blockage, then we can use the sprinkler drip filter to inject the third stage of hot water to reduce stirring and make the clogging time shorter!

Well, generally speaking, the playability of this flower sprinkle is relatively high, and interested friends can study it on their own. Finally, a surprise question: the showerhead of watering flowers is called sprinkling, so what should the showerhead of coffee be called? -END-