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Kenya| Introduction to the Kilinagadomen processing plant in the coffee producing area

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, African coffee has a high reputation in the global coffee market, because the African country Ethiopia is recognized as the birthplace of coffee. In addition, there are many outstanding coffee-producing countries, such as Ethiopia's neighbor Kenya. Kenya Kenya Kenya is located in eastern Africa, traversed by the Equator, and is closely related to Somalia.

African coffee is well known in the global coffee market because the African country Ethiopia is recognized as the birthplace of coffee, and there are many excellent coffee producing countries, such as Ethiopia's neighbor Kenya.

Kenya kenya

Kenya is located in eastern Africa and runs through the central part of the equator, bordering Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and South Sudan. There are many plateaus in Kenya, with an average elevation of 1500 meters above sea level, and only the coastal areas are plains. The eastern branch of the East African Rift Valley cuts longitudinally from the north to the south of the plateau, dividing the highland into east and west. There are many lakes and many volcanoes, among which Kenya, the extinct volcano in the central highland, is 5199 meters above sea level, which is the second highest peak in Africa.

Kenya is located in the tropical monsoon region, with a savanna climate in most areas, hot and humid coastal areas and a mild climate on the plateau, with rainy seasons from March to June and October to December, with annual temperatures between 12 and 24 ℃, and annual rainfall decreasing from 1500 mm to 200mm from southwest to northeast. High-altitude mountains, volcanic soil, plenty of sunshine and appropriate rainfall make the country's agriculture and tourism more developed.

Coffee producing area

Kenya has a large number of coffee producing areas, which are concentrated in the southwest and central part of the country. There are Bungoma, Embu Embu, Kiambu Kiambu, Kirinyaga Kirinyaga, Kisi Kisii, Machakos Machakos, Meru menu, Elgonne Mt.Elgon, Mulanga Murang'a, Nakuru Nakuru, Neri Nyeri, Sika Thika, Tita Vita Taita Taveta, Trans-Enzoya Trans-Nzoia, a total of 14 producing areas. Among them, Minri, Kirinia, Mulanga, Kiambu and Sika are the most famous.

Kirinyaga: this producing area is also translated as Kirin Yaga, which means "white mountain" in the local language and is 1300-1900 meters above sea level. Located in central Kenya, close to the high-altitude Mount Kenya, with fertile volcanic soil, abundant Rain Water and cool climate, the region is famous for its strong, rich and solid-tasting coffee, and is recognized as two of the best producing areas in Kenya together with the Mini Nyeri producing area.

Most of the producers in this area are small coffee farmers who join the cooperative, while the cooperative provides a washing plant, and the coffee farmer sends the coffee fruit to the cooperative's processing plant for processing.

Multi-door company DORMANS

Multi-door company DORMANS is a well-known exporter of Kenyan boutique coffee and one of the largest coffee traders in Kenya. Multi-door company DORMANS is headquartered in Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya. It involves the processing of raw beans, processing of cooked beans and international trade, covering a number of coffee producing areas in Kenya and coffee beans in Tanzania, with factories, warehouses and processing plants in Kenya and Tanzania.

Multi-door company DORMANS is famous for its excellent quality management. At the company's headquarters, about 1500 cups of coffee are tested and evaluated by a professional team every week to select quality coffee.

Kenya grading

In some Kenyan coffee bean information, you can see the information such as "AA, AB, FAQ" and so on. In fact, Kenyan coffee is sold or exported, using the same grading system. Grading is based on the size and quality of coffee beans as indicators, there are clear provisions, divided into AA+, AA, AB, PB, C, E, TT, T, strict classification can ensure the quality of coffee beans.

In addition, the Kenyan Export and Raw Bean Association adds the grading of cup test results (unofficial) to the two grades of coffee raw beans, AA and AB, in the following order: TOP, PLUS (+) and FAQ. They rated coffee beans on a scale of 1-3 each based on acidity, alcohol thickness and flavor, based on raw and cooked bean cups. For example, a score of 1-1-1 is TOP.

At present, washed coffee beans from several processing plants in Kirinaga, Kenya have been purchased on Qianjie Street, and cup tests have been carried out. When smelling the fragrance, there will be BlackBerry and black plum aromas, and the entrance will have berry, small tomato, citrus flavor, and taste like green tea.