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God! Manner was exposed that coffee beans were mixed with stones?!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Recently, a customer exposed Manner coffee beans he had purchased recently, and a small stone appeared abruptly among the coffee beans. The customer noticed the small stone before pouring the coffee beans into the bean grinder, and was glad he discovered it in time.

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Recently, a customer posted his recent purchase of Manner coffee beans, in which a small stone suddenly appeared in the middle of the coffee beans.

The customer noticed the small stone before pouring the coffee beans into the grinder and was glad he found it in time and did not let it mix with the beans into the grinder, resulting in unimaginable consequences. Fortunately, customers contact customer service for feedback.

In this regard, Manner customer service first gave "coffee beans are crops, because of the different treatment, there may be stones," and said that coffee beans have been screened, but it is difficult to guarantee that there are no defects. The customer service later asked the production department and photographed the professional equipment on the production line, informing customers that they had done a good job in screening foreign bodies in the production process.

However, the response from customer service does not satisfy consumers.

In the eyes of consumers, the reason why customers choose to buy coffee beans from chain brands is nothing more than that the quality of the products sold by well-known brands is guaranteed, but now there is indeed a stone in the beans, in the eyes of some consumers, the response given by customer service seems to customers to get rid of the mistakes in the production process, perfunctory treatment of their own feedback.

Coffee beans are agricultural and sideline products, as customer service said, and there are generally some defects in the vegetables and fruits bought in the vegetable market, so the whole process from harvesting the coffee fruit to making it into a packet of ripe beans requires many rounds of machine or manual screening, even so, a similar situation seems inevitable.

A bag of coffee beans like Manner, when it is still raw, needs to be screened before it enters the baking process. The baker will use professional equipment to select a round to remove defective beans, small stones, sack thread, etc., before baking raw beans into ripe beans.

After that, some friends may think that the next step is to pack it separately. In fact, this is not the case. Roasted coffee beans need to be screened again.

It can be said that until it is packaged into a commodity, the coffee fruit has to "go through five hurdles" and undergo multiple rounds of manual and machine screening in the whole production process before it is sealed in a bag and sold to consumers. It's just that no matter how many times and strict screening criteria, it's hard to ensure that every bag contains flawless coffee beans, so some people pick beans again before brewing coffee.

However, in the eyes of experienced coffee lovers, the risk factor of this inconspicuous stone is higher than that of defective beans. Because once it enters the bean grinder, it will cause damage to the cutter head, and seriously may knock the cutter head out, so it is necessary to send the bean grinder to repair and replace the cutter head.

Although each packet of coffee beans is not guaranteed to be perfect and flawless, small stones are not only a food safety problem, but also can cause accidental damage to some bean grinders without card bean safety protection. Therefore, when grinding beans, we have to check again carefully.

As of press time, the customer said that Manner has now arranged for after-sales masters to check the machine for her, and their feedback has been properly resolved.

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