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Employees collect customers 'cash, but Lucky is unwilling to recycle banknotes?!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory recently posted a message,"When will Lucky not force employees to collect cash?" "The post appeared on social platforms, causing a large number of netizens to discuss it. The Ruixing employee who posted said that there are schools around the store where they are located and students are often present.

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Recently, there was a "when can Rui Xing not force employees to accept cash!" The post appeared on the social platform, causing a large number of netizens to discuss it.

The Ruixing employee who posted the post said that there is a school around his store, and students often come to the store with cash to spend money. However, Lucky stores are not equipped with cashier systems and equipment, so when customers take cash to the bar to place an order, the staff usually accept the cash paid by the customer and use their own mobile phone to scan the code to place the order on behalf of the customer.

After some operation, the cash given by the customer was transferred to the staff. Looking at the stack of twenty-or ten-yuan notes in his hand, the employee was very upset. "Young people don't buy vegetables or go out, so it's hard to save this handful of cash. It's really annoying." .

Nowadays, most young people go out all over the world with a mobile phone, either giving the payment code for the merchant to scan or their own mobile phone to place an order, greatly saving themselves and businesses' time.

However, there are some people who are unable to use mobile phones to pay for orders due to personal reasons, so they usually use cash to pay for their purchases. According to the regulations, Lucky shop assistants will not refuse cash from customers, but because the bar is not equipped with cashier equipment, it is particularly troublesome to keep and change the cash, and may mistakenly accept counterfeit coins because there is no banknote inspection equipment.

In addition, customers who choose to order in cash will not be able to enjoy the discount on the mobile platform, that is, they need to pay the original price of the drink, and some customers who do not understand the store discount system will have a misunderstanding. as a result, the clerk needs to spend time and energy to explain to the customer.

For a variety of reasons, some clerks said frankly that they would resist taking cash, especially when the store was short of manpower, and when the busy clerk saw the guests entering the store with cash to order, they only felt black in their eyes. there is no time to receive guests and help them place orders on their behalf, so they selectively ignore customer requests.

There is no denying that the way of placing orders by mobile phones not only facilitates customers, but also saves employees time to receive customers. For Ruixing, not setting up cash cashier equipment can not only save equipment costs, but also reduce the number of full-time employees in each store.

However, there are always some cash users in the consumer group, and they may not be the most important users of the brand, but in the eyes of the employees, since Lucky does not refuse them to come to the store to spend, they should take care of their payment habits and change the cashier mode of letting employees place orders on their behalf.

Employees believe that brands can consider equipping their stores with cash cashier systems and related equipment, so that the cash they receive on a daily basis can be saved and changed, instead of asking employees to collect a stack of coin notes that are not even collected by ATM machines.

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