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Jay Chou suspected of opening a coffee shop in Beijing and attracting fans to check in!!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop "My love for you was written in the BC, buried deep in the Mesopotamia Plain ~" How many people fell into Jay Chou's trap because of this song, and it has been out of control since then? It will be a whole youth when you leave, and how many people are still repeating Jay Chou's song today

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"the love I gave you was written before BC and buried deep in the Mesopotamian plain."

How many people got into Jay Chou's pit because of this song, and from then on it got out of hand, and as soon as they left, there was a whole youth, and how many people are still circulating Jay Chou's playlist, whenever they hear familiar melodies, it's like going back to the green years in my memory.

Recently, it has been reported on social media that Jay Chou has opened a coffee shop called "Love in the pre-AD" in Sanlitun, Beijing, which is located on the first floor of # 024 Xiaobai Building.

Although it is only the "grapevine news" spread on the Internet, as soon as I hear that Jay Chou owns the coffee shop, fans and fans naturally can't sit still, no matter whether it's true or not, they all want to go to the scene to find out in person. However, precisely because the news was not officially released, many fans did not see the opening of the business at the scene, so everyone had to be skeptical.

Until June 7, a promotional video titled "here comes Jay". Singer Jay Chou did show up at the coffee shop, but not as a boss, but to "clock in". He was also ridiculed by fans as "more like porridge pie". In the video, in addition to showing the main products on the store menu, some of Jay Chou's peripheral dolls are placed at the bar, Jay Chou's autograph is also on the wall, and there is a gold piano in the atrium.

It is reported that the coffee shop is located in # 024 Xiaobailou for the superstar legendary company to build the "star IP incubation base", in addition to the coffee shop on the ground floor, upstairs is Kunling's own clothing brand flash store, recently opened, in order to attract a wave of popularity, Jay Chou and his mother also showed up to promote. Therefore, the rumored "coffee shop opened by Jay Chou" is not true news, but more to support the drainage operation of "Sister-in-law".

In fact, die-hard fans who are familiar with their idols all know that Jay has always been "not very good at doing business." after confirming with the shop assistant, he also learned that he had not even drunk a cup of coffee, so he must have preferred milk tea. Therefore, it is also speculated that the high probability of this promotion is related to the superstar legendary company.

But thanks to this wave of publicity, a large number of local fans in Beijing still rushed to sign in at the opening site during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. After all, for Jie fans, the coffee shop with the title of "Love before BC" is already full of attraction, and now you can still clock in to the same model seat of your idol, so you can't miss it.

It is worth noting that if you look at the beverage menu alone, compared with the coffee shop opened by other stars, the price of this bread cafe with Jay Chou's classic songs is very close to the people, and the whole menu is basically less than 30 yuan. conventional Italian styles like American style are only priced at 18 yuan. It can be said to be quite conscientious that a coffee shop in Beijing can have such a price. As for whether this coffee shop which relies on the flow of Jay Chou can gain a foothold in Sanlitun, let's wait and see!

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