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Luckin Coffee sells lemon tea! A large number of orders were made wrong tea bases, causing controversy?!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop This summer, Lucky finally announced that it will officially sell lemon tea!!! On June 3, Ruixing's official account released new news that it will jointly cooperate with the domestic game "Beast Party" and launch an original new series of "Light Coffee Lemon Tea." Stores across the country are the same

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This summer, Rui Xing finally announced that she would officially sell lemon tea!

On June 3, Lucky released new news on its official account that it will jointly cooperate with the domestic game "Beast Party" and launch the original innovative series "Light Lemon Tea", which will be launched at the same time in stores across the country.

As for the new products, Ruixing claims to be on the shelves in the form of 24oz oversized cups, with Guangdong perfume, lemon juice and flavored tea bottoms, and "light coffee" ingredients with lower caffeine content. As a result, under the temptation of advertising words such as lemon tea, new products, 0 fat and oversized cups, this cup of light lemon tea has also become Lucky's best-selling ice drink recently.

According to the officially disclosed list of ingredients, the product is made up of perfume lemon juice, raw bean coffee liquid and tea bottom. In terms of tea soles, Ruixing offers two different options: one is a single clump with a stronger tea flavor, which goes to the Mini Program ordering page, which is standard by default; and the other is a relatively fresh jasmine tea bottom, which needs to be checked by consumers.

However, because the color of the tea bottom itself is different, the light lemon tea can be seen directly from the appearance of the finished product. The lemon tea with a single clump of tea bottom will show a darker brown yellow, while the light coffee with jasmine as the tea bottom tends to be light green. When they are compared together, the difference is even more obvious, and the former is much richer than the latter.

As the craze for fresh taste continues to rise, round after round of commentators have emerged on social platforms, as well as a group of people with difficulty in choosing which tea bottom to choose. In addition, under the topic of the new product, a group of "victims" who were accidentally added to the wrong bottom of tea issued a complaint against Rui Xing.

"Lucky made me the wrong new product", "ordered jasmine tea, and then the shop assistant made a single cluster", "beware of Rui Xing, light lemon tea is easy to make mistakes!" "I think the bottom of other people's jasmine tea is green. Why is mine curry? is it made into a single clump of tea?" "I bought two identical cups of light lemon tea, not only in different colors, but also in different tastes." Lucky's quality control still needs to be improved.

Through these descriptions, and combined with the lucky new products in everyone's hands, the problems of the Oolong incident are all on the bottom of the tea, either from light green to light green, or from light green to brown yellow, or obviously order the same two ice drinks, there is an obvious difference in appearance, why?

In this regard, an employee appeared in the comment area to explain that if the color and taste of the drink really do not match, and the exact opposite of the same tea bottom that everyone bought, then it should be the person in charge of the product to make the anti-tea bottom. For this kind of situation, the staff expressed the hope that they would not rush to give a bad review, but could give feedback directly to the shop assistant, ask the other party to redo it on the spot, or apply for a refund.

As for the situation that there are two colors on the bottom of the same tea, some lucky workers say that the tea powder of a single clump of tea is easy to precipitate and is not easy to melt, and if it is the last cup of Detong, the color will be too dark. The same is true of lemon juice, which contains different amounts of pulp, and the color of the finished product will deviate according to the ratio.

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