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Lucky launched "Marble Ice American", which was cheated by netizens for selling similar "tofu pudding"

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop At Starbucks, there is a hidden menu that is very popular. Its structure is very simple and consists of only three elements: espresso, cream, and ice cubes. As long as it has the corresponding materials, it can be easily reproduced at home. In fact, this drinking comes from

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At Starbucks, a hidden menu is very popular. Its structure is very simple and consists of only three elements: espresso, thin cream and ice cubes. As long as you have the corresponding materials, you can easily reproduce them at home.

In fact, this way of drinking comes from the "Campbell Blue" and "Viennese Coffee" that coffee people are familiar with, which is creative coffee with cream as the core element. On the other hand, Starbucks' hidden menu is to add whipped cream to the regular all-iced American coffee and sprinkle it on top to let it sink gradually with gravity, and the coffee will show beautiful white lines, so some netizens have even named it "Marble American style".

This morning, the "Black Coffee + Cream" combination unexpectedly kept browsing on social platforms. Only after learning about it did I know that Rui Xing had quietly put three new drinks on the ground, and one of them was the "marble American style" that spread all over the network.

Sure enough, with the ultra-high appearance of the promotional map, coupled with cream, rich, mellow and other advertising words, Rui Lucky this new product soon aroused a large number of workers' desire to try something new. It is said that the early bird catches the worm, and it is less than ten o'clock in the morning, the official has not even had time to hit the advertisement, and the first batch of fresh-tasting customers already have a cup.

However, unlike the hidden drinking method of Starbucks ordering "all-iced American Coffee + whipped Cream", Ruixing's R & D department needs one more element in this "marble American" formula-"water". In other words, the new specialty is to add light cream to regular iced American coffee.

Judging from the physical authentication pictures issued by everyone, Lucky's "Marble American style" not only does not have a pleasing appearance, but also has the effect of suppressing people's appetite, not to mention that it is somewhat similar to the seller's show. Just looking at these strange cups of creamy coffee, it is not too much to describe it as "irrelevant". Do not believe you to see ~

Some cream floats on the surface, like Egg & vegetable soup's ⬇️.

Some have formed a block and sunk at the bottom, named "tofu pudding American" ⬇️

After stirring, hang it in the coffee liquid and put it there, that is, the bowl (cup) of ⬇️ soup.

Some cream is stacked directly on the ice beauty in strips, and even the employees themselves can't look down on ⬇️.

Of course, a few lucky people caught up with the staff's on-site operation, turned on the camera at the moment of pouring the whipped cream, and finally succeeded in capturing the "marble texture" on the billboard.

If you stir it with a straw immediately, the cream can be blended with the American style to form a uniform cream color. But if you leave it alone for a few minutes, the light cream in the coffee will solidify immediately, either suspend or sink, and soon turn into the above "cooking bag".

As for the taste, as the light cream itself is stored in the refrigerator and sank in the cold ice for a long time, it is difficult to fully integrate with the coffee even if stirred, so it will taste a little "split".

Picture from: screenshot of Xiao Hongshu

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