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Employees were exposed to the pool to wash their feet, and Mixue Ice City responded!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Yesterday, a netizen posted a video exposing a scene seen in Mixue Ice City: a uniformed staff member took off his shoes and washed his feet directly in the pool in the bar. Accompanied by "shocking" copywriting. Early this morning,#Mixue Ice City employees were

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Yesterday, a netizen posted a video that exposed a picture seen in Honey Snow Ice City: a staff member in uniform took off his shoes and washed his feet directly in the sink at the bar, accompanied by a "shocked" copywriter.

Early this morning, # Snow Ice City employees were exposed to wash their feet in the pool # and # Snow Ice City customer service responded to the topic of employees washing feet in the pool # also rushed to the hot search list of major social platforms, causing widespread concern.

The video shows a man in black overalls and a black hat standing in front of the sink in the store with one foot, taking off his shoes and socks with the other and putting them into the sink to rinse. In the picture, you can clearly see that the shoes taken off by the man are still on the ground, while the socks are placed on the side of the console, next to the milk tea bucket.

Then the man lifted his foot, put it on the table next to the pool and checked it with his hands, and then put on his shoes again. On the cup holder next to the pool, you can also see the beverage cup printed with the Honey Snow Ice City brand logo, as well as the decoration of "Snow King", surrounded by a variety of kitchen tools for handling food, and the staff next door are also producing as usual.

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, on June 11, in response to the video posted online, the staff of Honey Snow and Ice City said that the incident occurred in a store in the Beijing area. the person who washed his feet in the video was the father of the store manager and an employee who was also working in the store. the behavior in the picture appeared only when his feet were scalded at work and emergency treatment was done with cold water.

The staff said that at present, Honey Snow Ice City has ordered the stores involved to close and carry out comprehensive disinfection. At the same time, Honey Snow Ice City has carried out standardized training and rectification for all shop staff.

In this regard, many netizens feel that it is understandable, but the health aspect is still some difficult to accept. If the man is really scalded, there is nothing wrong with emergency treatment of the injury, but after all, it belongs to the catering industry. Safety and hygiene issues are equally important and should be taken seriously.

Some netizens also questioned that, after all, the man's series of actions were too "leisurely", and he could wear shoes immediately after washing his feet, making people feel "not like being scalded".

Video publishers also said they could not agree with the response of brand customer service. When buying drinks, he did not see that the elderly had burns, but naturally went to the pool to wash his feet with slippers, without any taboo.

And she herself is only standing within a distance of about one meter, and there are many customers drinking products next to her, which is a position that everyone can see. If it is true, as the official reply is, that the man had to wash his feet in the pool because he was scalded, it is hoped that the corresponding surveillance video can be pulled backstage, verified and released, after all, it also belongs to the visual scope of in-store surveillance.

As of press time, Honey Snow Ice City did not respond to this.

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