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After selling rice dumplings, Starbucks employees were scolded and cried by customers!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop The just-passed Dragon Boat Festival may be deeply impressed by some Starbucks employees. An employee at a store in Jiangsu described some experiences he didn't want to recall now. According to this employee, the day before the Dragon Boat Festival, he bought a rice dumpling for Star Ice Rice

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The recent Dragon Boat Festival may impress some Starbucks employees. An employee of a store in Jiangsu told about some experiences he didn't want to recall now.

According to the employee, on the day before the Dragon Boat Festival, customers who bought Xingbing rice dumplings went to the store to pick up their goods with exchange coupons, but there was no stock in the store, and after contacting nearby stores, they could not be seconded to zongzi, so they offered customers compensation plans that could not be exchanged for zongzi, but the customers were not satisfied with these plans, and the scene discussed with the staff, and the mobile phone video said it would be exposed.

On the same day, the employees of other stores said that some customers in the store lost their temper with the employees because they were unable to mention the ice dumplings, and said at the scene that the employees had to report to the police if they did not help solve the problem.

In fact, this situation does not just happen in Jiangsu stores. According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, many consumers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai complained that their Xingbing rice dumplings exchange coupons could not be exchanged before the deadline of the event because the stores were out of stock. The paper coupon in hand can only watch helplessly become a piece of waste paper.

These customers who can't get Xingbing rice dumplings either complain through 400 customer service calls or go directly to offline stores for an explanation. However, Starbucks employees never expected this to happen. Stores in Shanghai, Ningbo and other cities did not have any stock. In the face of customers who came to pick up rice dumplings, employees could not make a single order of rice dumplings even after dozens of phone calls. They have no choice but to bear the emotional venting of consumers.

Some customers complain that since Starbucks has sold so many paper coupons, it is reasonable to have a corresponding number of Xingbing rice dumplings for customers to exchange, instead of as many people have coupons but no rice dumplings.

On this point, Starbucks employees admitted that in previous years, there were often customers who forgot to exchange coupons for zongzi, so the number of coupons actually did not match the actual number of zongzi taken away. In addition, star ice dumplings are seasonal commodities, in order to avoid unnecessary wear and tear, the brand will not prepare too much star ice rice dumplings inventory.

However, this year, Starbucks warehouse for Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai areas equipped with Xingbing dumplings uneven distribution, so that the actual inventory in each city is less. Even if the stores are transferred to each other, it can not meet the actual needs of consumers, which leads to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai consumers to find that the stores are out of stock as soon as they go to exchange.

According to a reporter from Southern Metropolis Daily, the head of Starbucks China responded, "the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is the peak season for redemption of zongzi, and the store has tried its best to meet the various redemption needs of customers." Shop assistants have also communicated with consumers one-to-one, either to distribute the goods as soon as possible, or to communicate whether to exchange them for other goods.

However, there are still some consumers who are dissatisfied with the solution offered by Starbucks and say they cannot accept it. Employees also understand consumers' resentment that Xingbing dumplings cannot be picked up, but there is nothing they can do about it. They just hope that the "Dragon Boat Festival robbery" will end as soon as possible and give them more time to face the next "mooncake robbery".

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