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Milk tea cups and coffee were rejected for takeout! Manner was accused of bringing his own cup with different standards?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory Manner's Bring Your Own Cup discount has always been a tool to attract coffee consumers. In order to save 5 yuan, many users have developed the good habit of bringing a cup out to make coffee every day. However, recently, some customers brought a restricted milk from Naixue's recent activities

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Manner's own cup discount has always been a sharp weapon to attract coffee consumers. In order to save 5 yuan, many users have formed the good habit of taking a cup out to make coffee every day.

Recently, however, a customer went to Manner to buy coffee with a limited milk teacup of Naixue's recent activities, which was rejected by the shop assistant. But on social platforms, netizens can see posts about successful Manner coffee making using plastic cups of milk tea from brands such as Nixue, which makes customers wonder if they have been treated differently by Manner stores.

Coincidentally, last week, a customer brought a plastic milk teacup to three Manner stores to buy coffee. In the process of buying coffee three times, a clerk in one store rejected her. The plastic cup could not be used to buy a cup of coffee. Two other stores agreed to use the PP5 logo under the plastic cup, allowing customers to drink coffee from their own cup.

Previously, some netizens on the social platform have discussed whether the plastic packing cup can be used as a self-contained cup. Most people believe that the plastic packing cup offered by the beverage store is contrary to the brand's original intention of bringing its own cup. They believe that bring-in cups are recyclable ceramic cups, insulation cups, glasses, etc., rather than disposable packing cups.

Moreover, in the public impression, the material of the plastic packing cup is not durable, and repeated use may cause some substances in the plastic to enter the body during use, which is harmful to health.

In fact, these netizens' ideas are not groundless. The packing cups used in most beverage shops are mostly made of plastic made of PET. Although this kind of material can be used in food, it is not durable and not resistant to high temperature, and it is not recommended to reuse plastic products made of this material.

However, in order to satisfy consumers' desire to keep limited milk tea cups, many beverage stores upgrade the material of plastic packing cups to use PP5 packing cups. Compared to PE4,PP5, which is the only material that can be heated in a microwave oven, this kind of plastic products are heat-resistant and thick, and can be reused after cleaning.

Starbucks, inspired by its own cold drink cup, has launched a lightweight plastic self-contained cup made of PP5. The milk tea cups used by the above two Manner coffee customers also have the PP5 logo, that is, the plastic cups they use can actually be recycled.

Beverage shops promote bring-own cups in the hope of reducing the use of packing cups, so most netizens will think that unenvironmentally friendly plastic cups are not suitable to be used as self-bringing cups.

But in the opinion of some people, the plastic packing cups on the market should not be killed with a stick. The PP5 packing cups provided by the merchants hope that consumers can wash and recycle the drinks after drinking them. Therefore, when customers take these plastic cups to make coffee, they are also reducing the use of plastic cups, which does not violate the environmental concept of bringing their own cups.

A Manner clerk in the comment area also said that if consumers bring plastic cups made of PP5 to make coffee, they will not be rejected as long as they show the logo on the cup.

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