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How to make traditional mocha coffee? What is the difference between latte and Mokha? Do you want flowers in hot mocha?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, Recently, more and more friends have visited Qianjie stores to inquire about mocha coffee. But unfortunately, the Mocha coffee product has been removed from the front street menu, so friends have bumped into each other. "Since you can't buy it outside, do it yourself and have enough food and clothing. "Most of my friends come home with this idea

Recently, more and more friends have visited Qianjie stores to ask about mocha coffee. Unfortunately, mocha coffee has been removed from the front street menu, so friends hit the wall one after another. "since you can't buy it outside, do it yourself and have plenty of food and clothing." With this idea in mind, most of my friends went home and made mocha coffee.

Never thought that the mocha coffee is not very much in line with my ideal, either the chocolate taste is not strong enough, or it is tasty, but too sweet. So he contacted Qianjie backstage and asked for a secret recipe for mocha coffee. Today's mocha refers to an Italian milk coffee with chocolate added to it, which is produced in Yemen through the addition of chocolate and has a rich chocolate flavor. ") Most mochas are made with chocolate sauce, because chocolate sauce is convenient and fast and can be used directly without waiting for chocolate to melt! What you need to know is that although chocolate sauce is convenient, the key to most friends' inability to make mocha coffee comes from it.

Because chocolate has a very bitter taste, the more popular chocolate sauce products on the market will add a lot of sugar to neutralize the bitterness and make it better acceptable. But because sugar and chocolate have been integrated, we can't split them and mix them separately, which leads to a sharp increase in sweetness if we choose to continue to add chocolate sauce when the flavor of chocolate is not strong enough. So most merchants will not only use chocolate sauce to make mocha coffee, but also add other "seasonings" to make mocha coffee not only essential (chocolate), but also good to taste (not bitter). Because it is the first contact, many friends do not realize the disadvantages of chocolate sauce, so in the production of mocha coffee, only chocolate sauce is used! It doesn't matter. Next, let's share with Qianjie how to make a good cup of mocha coffee.

How should a good mocha be made? As mentioned earlier, mocha is a chocolate espresso. So what we need to do is to make a cup of milk coffee with enough chocolate concentration (taste), and the sugar content should not be too high, just to neutralize the bitter taste! Similarly, we still use chocolate sauce to make mocha coffee, because its sweetness and chocolate will blend more naturally, and it won't have too much awkward feeling to drink. But in addition to chocolate sauce, Qianjie uses other ingredients to increase the concentration of chocolate: sugar-free cocoa powder.

The presence of sugar-free cocoa powder not only brings a stronger flavor to the coffee, but also greatly enhances the mellow, and because it contains no sugar, it does not increase the sweetness. Therefore, it is the best choice to increase the concentration of chocolate (melted black is fine, of course, but the process is more and takes longer). All right, don't say much, let's start drinking mocha!

How do you make hot mocha coffee? As there are some differences between hot mocha and ice mocha in production, Qianjie will be introduced separately! The items and materials that need to be prepared for making hot mocha are: 1 coffee cup, 1 mixing cup / bowl (not to be used), 1 filter (not to be used), 1 milk, 1 espresso, chocolate sauce, cocoa powder. Step 1: make a chocolate concentrated substrate first, let's make a chocolate concentrated substrate first! Add 15ml chocolate sauce (da Vinci) and 5g sugar-free cocoa (Favna) to the mixing cup. Because after many tests in the front street, the chocolate paste made with this ratio is not only suitable in sweetness, but also extremely rich in chocolate taste! Of course, friends who like sweet drinks can slightly improve the use of chocolate sauce, 20ml.

Then we put an espresso into the mixing cup and mix it with the calories of espresso to melt and blend the chocolate sauce and cocoa. (the extraction parameter used in Qianjie today is 19.8g powder, and the liquid weight of 38ml is extracted in 28 seconds! )

Step 2: after filtering the unmelted cocoa powder and stirring, we can pour into the latte cup! When pouring, it is best to use a filter to filter the chocolate powder that has not completely melted, because they will unite into larger blocks, and the taste will be smoother after filtering! (this is also the reason to prepare two cups, if you do not intend to filter, you can actually make it directly in the latte cup) (universal powder bowl)

Step 3: sprinkle a small amount of cocoa on the surface and use a sieve to sprinkle some licensed cocoa on the surface of this chocolate concentrated substrate, which can give off a more attractive chocolate aroma of the finished mocha. (it may not be sprinkled)

Step 4: dispelling milk is like making a hot latte. Hot mocha milk needs to be sent to 65 °C to activate the sweetness of lactose. At the same time, the presence of milk bubbles will make the taste more dense. Therefore, in the milk process, the steps are exactly the same as the latte! Send to 60-68 °C, thin milk foam.

The ratio of milk to coffee is 1:4, which means that the base of 50ml is paired with 200ml milk.

Step 5: after the integration is over, we can begin to integrate! If you need to pull flowers, you should note that because the base is too thick, so the fluidity at the beginning is not high, we need to use more milk to fuse and improve the fluidity of the liquid surface. only in this way can we make a good-looking flower pull ~ (it's worth mentioning that Mocha is actually better pictured than a latte)

At this point, a delicious cup of mocha coffee is complete! It not only has a good visual experience, but also tastes very pleasant. Rich and sweet chocolate, with warm sun blend to bring the smell of whisky, butter cookies, a whole is the taste of wine heart chocolate, but also because of the existence of red cherries will have a slight berry aroma, the layered feeling is very rich!

How would you like your iced mocha? Ice mocha because we need to use ice to cool down, so we will sacrifice part of the milk for replacement. When the ice melts, it will dilute the overall concentration, resulting in a thinner taste, so in the chocolate base, we need to improve the original 15ml chocolate sauce to 20ml, sugar-free cocoa from the original 5g to 8g, by increasing the concentration of chocolate to improve the taste! Chocolate coffee base production process is the same as the hot mocha, the rest is to combine the materials together! Add ice cubes (90g), milk (160ml) to the prepared cup, then sprinkle with chocolate coffee base and the job is done! (you can also hang a wall with chocolate sauce, which can be more beautiful for the glass.)

Remember to stir before drinking to make the milk and chocolate coffee blend better! If there are conditions, we can also add cream, cream lid and other materials to the surface to make iced mocha coffee more layered and taste double!