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Eat coffee like toothpaste?! The main focus is the essence

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop In order to meet the needs of coffee lovers to drink coffee anytime and anywhere, there are more instant coffee that is convenient, fast and easy to brew on the market. However, powder-type instant coffee also needs to be brewed with hot water. For some outdoor workers, boiling hot water is sometimes not a problem.

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In order to meet the needs of coffee lovers who can drink coffee anytime and anywhere, there are more convenient, fast and easy instant coffee on the market, but powdered instant coffee still needs to be brewed with hot water, which is sometimes inconvenient for some outdoor workers.

As a result, No Normal Coffee, a Zurich company in Switzerland, launched a different kind of instant coffee. In appearance, this instant coffee is like a tube of paint common in an art room, and a soluble coffee paste can be obtained by extrusion.

One of the founders of the brand, an outdoor enthusiast, said he wanted to make such an instant coffee because when he was in Africa and other places with scarce water resources, he only wanted to save water as much as possible. but he had to eat caffeine every day, which led to the idea of "eating coffee without water".

It is understood that this instant coffee is a coffee paste made from Arabica coffee beans. Although each tube is only 100 grams, "concentration is the essence". If this tube of coffee paste is dissolved in the right amount of hot water, you can get about 20 cups of coffee.

If you don't want to use brewing utensils and hot water, coffee cream can also be used as jam and daub on foods such as bread before eating. And if outdoor exercisers go into the mountains and forests and don't have hot water or food on hand, they can squeeze coffee cream into their mouth and eat caffeine in a primitive way to meet their daily needs.

But those who have eaten instant coffee powder directly should know that it doesn't taste very good. Like black coffee powder, it tastes dry and hard, and some are even hard to swallow. In order to take care of the taste of more people, this instant coffee cream is designed to add a little natural sugar to black coffee to reduce the bitterness of pure coffee, which is more suitable for consumers to eat coffee directly.

Compared with outdoor portable coffee brewing sets, instant coffee, etc., this tube of coffee cream is more convenient. For outdoor sports, most of them think that this product greatly saves space in their backpacks and that they can get the caffeine they want in a harsh environment without having to prepare extra things.

So in the coffee paste development and improvement stage, there are dozens of outdoor enthusiasts who pay attention to the product to cooperate with the brand to provide their own advice, so that it can meet the actual needs of more people.

The product is currently launched at the ISPO exhibition in Munich and has won awards for its convenience and practicality. Consumers can buy it through the brand's online mall, which currently sells for $18.

Netizens said that if each tube of coffee paste can make 20 cups of coffee, then less than $1 per cup of coffee is not bad. In addition, the coffee cream is so unique that many people are curious about it, and the brand received more than 700 orders in the first week after its launch across Switzerland.

It also gives the founders confidence that they may next promote their products around the world so that outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy coffee at any time.

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