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Introduction to Elida, Donkey and Luito Estate, the best producers of Panama BOP in 2024

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, Panama coffee has a high reputation in the global coffee market. In addition to having the well-known rose summer varieties, it is also inseparable from the Panama Specialty Coffee Association (SCAP), which designed and organized BOP (Best Of Panama). Known as the best Panama). in 1

Panamanian coffee is well known in the global coffee market. In addition to having a well-known rose summer variety, Panamanian Coffee Association (SCAP) is also inseparable from the Panamanian Coffee Association (SCAP), which designed and organized BOP (Best Of Panama is also known as the Best Panama).

Since the launch of the BOP in 1996, high-quality coffee has been sold every year, and then sold at high prices at auctions, making Panamanian producers have more contact with the international community and become famous. In 2005, the rose summer stood out with its excellent flavor and achievements, and the rose summer variety has become famous ever since.

In addition, high-quality coffee can not be grown without the geographical environment of Panama. Panama has undulating terrain and vertical and horizontal valleys. Except for coastal plains, it is mostly mountainous, and it is rich in forest and river resources. Many volcanoes, near the equator, belong to a tropical marine climate, humid during the day and cool at night. The annual average temperature is between 23 ℃ and 27 ℃, and the annual average rainfall is 1500-2500 mm. And under the influence of geographical environment, it has a complex and changeable microclimate, which give coffee trees ideal planting conditions.

Coffee producing areas are mainly divided into Boquete, Volcan-Candela and Renacimiento.

Pokuit is arguably the most famous coffee producing area in Panama because it has many well-known estates. On the 2024 Best Panama (BOP), a new producer of the year award was added, which was won by the Lamastus family, which owns Elida Estate, El Burro Estate and Luito Estate, all three estates in the Boquete region.

Alida Manor (Elida Estate)

The history of the farm dates back to 1918. The farm is owned by the Lamastus family, and the name of the farm, Elida Alida, is the name of the then farmer, Mrs. Robert Louis Lamastus, who is now inherited by her son Wilford Lamastus.

Elida Erida Manor has a total area of 65 hectares, more than half of which are located within Baru Volcano National Park, 30 hectares of which are planted with coffee trees and the remaining 35 hectares are virgin forests. Coffee plantations range from 1670 to 1850 meters above sea level, making it one of the two highest coffee farms in Panama. The manor mainly grows high-quality coffee varieties such as Rose Summer, Iron pickup, Kaddura and so on. In this year's BOP, Erida Manor's Rose Summer has won the championship in the tanning group.

Donkey Manor (El Burro Estate)

The estate was founded by Amado Boutet, the grandfather of Mr. Wilford Lamastus, the current heir of the Lamastus family, but the price of the coffee market was low. At one point, the grandfather wanted to sell the coffee farm. Mr. wilford and his brother Patrick Lamastus could not bear to sell the family coffee farm and bought the donkey farm to continue to operate. The original location of the manor was a livestock farm, so it was named EI Burro.

The estate is located at the southern end, between 1550 and 1800 meters above sea level, with an area of about 50 hectares, of which 20 hectares are planted in Rosa and Kaduai, 10 hectares are reserved for cultivation, and the rest is a reserve for the Baru Volcano National Forest Park. retain the pristine forest environment.

Louito Manor (Luito Estate)

Luito Estate is owned by Luito Lamastus, the brother of Mr. Wilford Lamastus, the owner of the estate. The estate is located at the northernmost point of Poquet, near the mountains, and part of the estate is located in La Amistad National Park (Parque Internacional de la Amistad).

The manor is relatively small, with only 5 hectares, 1600-1750 meters above sea level, and only Rosa varieties are planted. On the other hand, the rainfall pattern in the area where the manor is located is very unique, with sufficient rainfall in the dry season and coffee growing all year round. Due to rainfall and microclimate, the flowering period of the farm is different from that of most farms in Poquet.

Front Street Coffee Panama Alida Garden Kaduai Coffee producing area: Pokuit production area altitude: 1850 meters Variety: Kaduai treatment: sun flavor: peach raisin orange caramel green tea

Front Street Coffee this Kaduai coffee bean from Alida Manor in Panama is sun-treated and medium-light roasted. Qianjie uses V60Jue 1Ru 15 ratio, 92 ℃ water temperature for cooking, after cooking, taste, the entrance is smooth, there will be peach, raisin, orange, caramel flavor, green tea taste, taste clean.