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Lucky Co-branded Materials knew in advance, who was responsible for leaking internal information?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory Recently, the film and television series "The Story of the Rose" has quickly become the focus of discussion on various platforms after it was broadcast. Even if many netizens have not followed the drama, they have more or less heard of this highly popular work from hot searches on the Internet. And yesterday morning, social

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Recently, the film and TV drama "the Story of the Rose" has quickly become the focus of discussion on various platforms. Even if many netizens have not chased the play, they have more or less heard of this popular work from the hot search for information on the Internet.

Yesterday morning, the news of Ruixing and "the Story of the Rose" suddenly appeared on the social platform, and clear photos of the perimeter, cup covers, paper bags and other materials related to the event also appeared on the platform. Soon after, some lucky employees posted new examination questions on internal affairs, corroborating the authenticity of the joint activities that spread wildly on the Internet, and revealed that the new product of the joint activities was limited to yellow rose lattes.

It is understood that the new joint event will be launched on the 24th, but the relevant news has been known by the public nearly two weeks in advance. Some people think that the popularity of movies and TV dramas continues to rise with the broadcast of the series, but it is not clear how long this craze will last and whether it will change along the way. By the time the event is officially launched, the show may have been broadcast, and the discussion of the IP will decline, which is not conducive to brand promotion.

From this point of view, taking advantage of the current IP fire to reveal the relevant information about joint activities is actually mutually beneficial and win-win for both sides of the cooperation. Lucky can draw the attention of a large number of fans with the help of the popularity of movies and TV dramas, and there is naturally no need to worry about the sales of the new products expected by fans after the event is officially launched.

Fans who have been distracted by all kinds of pictures have expressed their eagerness in the comment area of the grapevine, urging Ruixing to speed up the progress. In hindsight, the lucky employees looked at the photos of materials flying everywhere, but lamented that the news from the social platform could come faster than the internal operation notice.

Reviewing Ruixing's previous joint activities, most of the limited surrounding materials can see the photos on the social platform a few days in advance. Most people are also used to the brand's operation, but take a look at the official "Luckin Coffee employee social media personal account management regulations" given to each employee, and then look at the screenshots associated with the joint event on the social platform. Employees can't help but laugh at the brand's "double-label operation".

They revealed that joint materials, limited perimeter, beverage formula and other internal information belong to the brand side, in fact, employees are not allowed to disclose it in advance, nor are they allowed to spread it to social platforms. If such illegal operations are found, according to the company's confidentiality provisions, the leaker is required to bear the brand's punishment and related legal liability.

But in fact, the social platform is full of joint messages, and from time to time you can see short videos of employees uploading immersive drinks at the bar. Many people are confused that the company clearly requires employees to do a good job of secrecy, but these illegal operations that are not allowed are prohibited repeatedly.

On the contrary, once these joint messages and short videos are spread on the Internet, most of them can get thousands of popularity. Perhaps from the brand side's point of view, the attention of netizens may be more important than the leakage of inside information.

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