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With a flick of the flower wheel, he randomly forced a barista!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop If you ask some coffee lovers why they have a soft spot for hot lattes, some people may immediately answer,"There are flowers." A beautiful tulip, an exquisite white swan, the pattern drawn by the barista is the icing on the cake for a cup of coffee, but

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If you ask some coffee lovers why they have a preference for hot lattes, some people may immediately answer, "there are flowers." A beautiful tulip, a delicate white swan, the pattern painted by the barista is the icing on the cake of a cup of coffee, which can make the guests happy.

But most of the time, what kind of pattern the guests receive is arranged at random by the barista. Of course, there is no shortage of skilled baristas who will make a collection of their own patterns to facilitate guests to specify a certain pattern and provide them with a cup of desirable lattes.

But if guests are given too many choices, they may find it difficult to choose, so some baristas think of pasting them on the disc to make a turntable. The difficult customer only needs to raise his hand and point the pointer to which pattern when the disc stops, and the barista gives a cup of latte corresponding to the pattern.

This kind of flower turntable similar to opening a blind box is not uncommon. There has been a black flower turntable in some Starbucks stores, and the pattern above is mostly the basic pattern, which is relatively simple. However, this interesting prop still attracts many customers to "come here to play", standing in front of the bar watching the barista make the whole process to see if the pattern they transferred can fully appear on the drink.

For some baristas who are adept at complex flower patterns, Starbucks' basic pull roulette is really unchallenging. Customers who often drink lattes are also used to these simple patterns, and most of them will want to see more innovative flower-drawing works.

As a result, baristas have upgraded the options available on roulette. For example, on the self-made flower turntable of this coffee shop, there are ten complex patterns that do not repeat in a circle, making people wonder if the barista really has two brushes, no matter which picture he turns to.

So some customers ordered two cups and waited on the sidelines. After watching the baristas accurately draw their own patterns on the brown coffee liquid, they were repeatedly amazed and were conquered by the baristas' skills.

For consumers who like the pattern, the turntable can not only give people the pleasure of a random lottery, but also get a cup of flowers with a specified pattern, which makes people feel novel and interesting. So even if the price of this latte is slightly higher, he who has played a turntable will gladly accept it.

However, while the customers are having a good time, the barista is under a lot of pressure. The coffee flower is a shaped pattern. If the barista's basic skills are not solid enough and the pattern reserve is not enough, he will beat a drum in his heart when he sees the customer moving the roulette wheel, for fear of turning out a pattern that he is not proficient enough to perform a flower-pulling rollover for the guests at the scene.

In case the technology is not good enough to overturn the car, it is not only humiliating, but also a waste of materials, and it is inevitable to be scolded by the boss.

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