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What should Australia and White do? What is the difference between it and cappuccino and latte? What does Flat white translate?

Published: 2024-07-21 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/07/21, Names such as Xiaobai, Furuibai, Chunyibai, and Ao Rui Bai are all aliases of Flat white translated in my country, but we will be more accustomed to calling him "Ao Bai". Since Australia and White was launched by Starbucks in 2015, it has become popular at an extremely exaggerated rate! Basically, every boutique cafe

Xiaobai, frauibai, mellow art bai, ao Ruibai and other names are all aliases translated by Flat white in our country, but we will be more accustomed to calling him "Australian white".

Since Australia White was launched by Starbucks in 2015, it has become popular at an exaggerated speed! Basically, Australia White does not appear on the menu of every boutique cafe. Not only that, in Australia, this product has long become a local "local specialty", is every coffee lover to visit Australia must sign in one of the products. And where it belongs, New Zealand is competing with Australia, which shows how popular this coffee drink is.

Why is Australia White so popular? Unlike traditional Italian milk cafes such as lattes and cappuccinos, Australia White was just a small cup of milk coffee without flowers when it was launched! Without pattern blessing, it obviously does not rely on appearance to win, so it can be imagined that taste and taste are the main reasons why it can stand out! As a matter of fact, the formula used by Australia White will be more distinctive than most regular espresso. For example, its concentrated base is "Ristretto".

By limiting the weight of the extraction concentrate, the release of bitter substances can be reduced, and only the first and middle extracts of the coffee can be taken to make the taste sweeter. But there is not enough bitter substance, even if the concentration is high, the coffee can easily be covered by the taste of milk, so the witty Australian barista thought that by adding the amount, use double Riestrito to double the concentration of the coffee. This ensures that the coffee will not be covered by the taste of milk while it is not bitter. And used in the production of Australian white milk, but also very particular! Even if it is doubly concentrated, if there is too much milk, it will certainly mask the taste of the coffee, so Australia White will not use too much milk to make it, which sets the size of its cup. At the same time, in order to pursue a more silky taste, Australia White has abandoned the dense touch of the thick milk foam of the traditional milk coffee and replaced it with the extremely thin milk foam of only 0.5mm, which gives the coffee a completely different feeling as a whole.

Unlike the latte, it is neither the high sweetness with a balanced taste of coffee and milk, nor the strong, thick "calm" taste of coffee like Cabo. Australian white coffee taste mellow and rich at the same time, but also high sweet not bitter, and the taste is very silky! Therefore, it is different from the existence of traditional Italian milk coffee. Therefore, such a cup of milk coffee was sought after by all kinds of people soon after its launch, and gradually became second only to the latte. Thanks to the release of the concept of "boutique coffee", the quality of coffee beans has been well controlled and improved. People no longer need to use deep baking to cover up the defective taste caused by the poor quality of beans, so coffee beans have more options not only in the degree of baking, but also in the way of extraction. We no longer need restrictions to reduce the release of bitter substances, because coffee is no longer as bitter as it used to be. So now most cafes are like New Zealand's Australian white practice, using normally extracted double espresso with a small amount of milk, simple production.

Of course, this is also a big advantage of Australian White Coffee! It does not have a fixed matching plan like other milk cafes, because there is no one fixed, so you do not know what kind of Australian white coffee the coffee shop will serve, which is full of mystery. How can such a cup of coffee not be welcomed?