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How considerate! Luckin Coffee mixes prune latte with tissue!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop In January this year, Ruixing posted on social platforms saying "Listen to Advice Online" and received various feedback from 13,000 netizens. Most of them received many likes and supports. They called for a certain star product from the past few years to return again.

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In January this year, Ruixing posted a post on the social platform saying "listen to advice online" and received 13000 feedback from netizens, most of which received more likes and support calling for a star product of the past few years to return.

It was precisely because of the advice of netizens that Ruixing re-launched the products that were popular in the past. The "gospel of constipation stars", which was once the focus of discussion on the website, will return next week, causing fans to jump for joy and can't help singing "finally here you are!" .

Lucky workers have also received the raw materials and limited materials of the western plum series of drinks in these two days to make sufficient preparations for the launch of the new products. However, when unpacking and checking the materials, they found that there were many unexpected products in this event-Kleenex printed with special packaging.

When launching new drinks, the joint demon lucky usually comes with a "limited three-piece set" paper bag, cup cover and sticker, but not every event has a three-piece set. This time, the update of the western plum series is different from before, less stickers but more than a bag of Kleenex! The employees did not expect that Rui Xing could have such a big brain. "when the incoming goods saw this tissue, I also took it as a surroundings."

Recall that two years ago, when the Simei latte was first launched, there was a vast majority of discussions on social platforms about the product's "patency". At that time, Rui was surprised by the high popularity of attention and the same feedback from many consumers after trying.

After that, the official specially made a popular response to the product issues that the public was most concerned about, and ridiculed that his product was a "sparse trick", and Amway played a wonderful part of the product.

So netizens speculate that the brand may be worried that once the Xi Mei latte, which is known as the "Caisailu of the coffee industry", returns, it may once again force consumers who try it to go to the bathroom as soon as they finish drinking it. For the first time, a packet of tissue paper is given to each cup of drink to facilitate customers to use it after drinking it. "very sweet, paper towels are ready."

However, some people think that the star products of the past will not necessarily be the flavor of that year after the return. For example, some time ago, the new lie watermelon latte is actually the horse watermelon latte that was loved by fans, but even if the white moonlight did not change the formula, it was still made in the original way. the resulting drink will not be the delicacy in the impression of some consumers.

Therefore, loyal fans are still worried that the brand will change the formula in order to reduce the "intestinal" power of the product, so that people can no longer experience the pleasure of that year, so that loyal fans are still worried about the Simminat, which is about to return to public view for nearly two years.

However, some netizens pointed to the packet of Kleenex printed with the word "West Plum", saying bluntly that fans may be thinking too much and that Kleenex has been sent around the official periphery, and the power of this new product can be imagined.

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