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Intrigue public anger! "1 Yuan Beauty Coffee" was besieged by negative reviews from netizens!!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Recently, a netizen posted that a coffee shop has launched a group purchase package called "One of Three Choice of Beauty Coffee for 1 Yuan", and stated that "Only for beautiful women under the age of 35, and only for consumption from 7 to 10 pm","The boss is very picky, if you feel that you are interested in it.

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Recently, some netizens posted that a coffee shop launched a group-buying package called "one-yuan beauty coffee with three choices", and noted that "only for beauties under the age of 35, and only for consumption at 7-10:00 in the evening", "the boss is very picky, if you feel unbeautiful, need to make up the price difference" and other requirements.

It is understood that the specific time on the shelves of this store's group-buying package is unknown, and after it was put on the shelves, some netizens spontaneously launched a "siege" on the store, leaving a number of low-score bad reviews to the coffee shop due to the uncomfortable contents of the group-buying package.

During this period, the store owner explained that the reason for setting the age threshold for group buying users was to entertain customers who were in line with the store style, and that there was no malice to female consumers as netizens thought, but the store's response could not convince netizens. On May 20, the coffee shop was suspected to have been reported offline by the platform. On the same day, the store's account on the social platform was cancelled as well.

Recently, the coffee shop reappeared on the group-buying platform, and the controversial "one-yuan beauty coffee three-choice" package disappeared, along with more than 60 bad comments left by netizens. Netizens are still dissatisfied and disgusted with the resurgent coffee shop, so they once again have a low score on the platform, causing the shop to be offline again.

After a reporter from the Rule of Law Network reported on the matter, a lawyer from the Rule of Law Daily analyzed that the merchant's "1 yuan beauty coffee" package was an obvious over-propaganda and was suspected of violating Article 9 of the Advertising Law of the people's Republic of China. That is, advertisements must not contain obscene, pornographic, gambling, superstitious, terrorist, and violent content. At the same time, this kind of propaganda is also suspected of violating the Civil Code of the people's Republic of China.

He said that to define whether such acts are illegal, it is necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as advertising content, advertising purpose, and social impact, such as whether advertising is aimed at belittling and objectifying women in order to attract traffic attention. and whether it has a negative impact on the public, and so on.

On the other hand, netizens were forced to go offline as a result of their spontaneous poor ratings of coffee shops. in the view of lawyers, netizens' actions belong to the exercise of citizens' freedom of speech and are protected by law.

However, he also believes that the criticism expressed by some netizens against the coffee shop has gone beyond the boundaries of general accusations and questions, rising to the level of attack, insult and even wanton abuse, causing damage to the goodwill of the coffee shop and belonging to cyber violence. If you are held responsible, you may have to bear the corresponding tort or administrative liability.

In addition, the group-buying platform, which provides publicity for merchants, should establish a more stringent audit mechanism to conduct multi-dimensional reviews of the products on the shelves, including text, pictures, videos and other content, to ensure that they comply with laws and regulations and platform rules. Strengthen the combination of technical means and manual audit, improve the sensitivity and efficiency of audit, ensure that bad information is intercepted in time, and avoid loopholes in machine audit.

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