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The heat has faded, and the 10-yuan hand-brewed coffee has cooled down? Aunt Nanjing responded!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| A few days ago, the Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop, the #10-yuan Hand-brewed Coffee Aunt's response was no longer popular #hit a hot search and became a hot topic among netizens. Today, reporters from CCTV News visited this inconspicuous small store on the street. The original long line at the door is no longer there.

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A few days ago, the auntie who made coffee with a hand of # 10 yuan did not respond very well. # logged on the hot search and became a hot topic among netizens. Today, a reporter from CCTV News visited this inconspicuous store on the street. The original long queue at the door is no longer there, and the shop has returned to the quiet appearance of the days before it became popular.

The protagonist of the incident, Mrs. Han, suddenly became popular in mid-May when she saw young people from all over the country come to buy a cup of coffee and take a picture with themselves. at one point, they attracted stars to clock in and were invited to a concert. But after the extremely high heat flow subsided, the old lady looked at the quiet shop, not disappointed by the deserted business, but breathed a sigh of relief.

Perhaps in the eyes of netizens, the desolation in the shop means that "business is cool", but in the eyes of the old lady, there are natural peaks and lows in doing business. These ups and downs for an old man who has passed the age of antiquity is only a short period of excitement, and his business is particularly good for a period of time. As soon as the hustle and bustle is over, the shop will do business as normal as before.

However, "people are popular, right or wrong". Since it became popular overnight, there have been many rumors in the outside world, such as "Nanjing aunt earns several million dollars in more than 20 days", "splash heaven's wealth to aunt" and so on. In response, Mrs. Han responded that this is nonsense. Because he has always adhered to the simple business philosophy of "can't eat, I will never give it to others", Sugar cane juice, the shop's main product, became famous in more than 2. The shop opened at 07:00 and people lined up to buy Sugar cane juice at 11:00 in the evening. Mrs. Han has already experienced the grand occasion of "encircling shops on both sides of the family."

As a matter of fact, 10-yuan coffee became a "sideline" in the store because she loved it herself, and she still doesn't quite understand how this cup of coffee, which she has been drinking for decades, has suddenly become a drink that young people are scrambling to buy. During the period of hot search on the fire, she was asked if she had any plans to open a branch in the future. The aunt shook her head, saying that she only wanted to do this store by herself. "if it is hot, it will make more money, and people will be comfortable if it is cold."

Now, although the coffee shop does not have a long line of buyers before, Mrs. Han still makes her own 10-yuan coffee as before. The slight difference is that she puts a marriage card in the bag when she is packing. She said that these cards were sent by public welfare organizations, and she placed them on the table and in a bag, hoping to make a modest contribution to the recovery of families who had lost loved ones through her small store. "there was a long queue in those two days. I left it here, and maybe people can find it and do something good."

At the end of the visit, when a CCTV reporter was ready to say goodbye, a boy ran over to take a picture with Han Suzhen. His reason is very simple: "Grandma's Sugar cane juice is pure Sugar cane juice, freshly squeezed, very delicious." The simple reasons for taking photos and simple words reveal the most attractive thing about this Nanjing shop.

The story of this old lady in Nanjing is like the sugar cane water and coffee in her shop, simple but deep. "No man is good for a thousand days, and no flower is red for a hundred days." it's cool and hot when you see people's hearts for a long time.

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