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Seal the socket! Starbucks reduces costs and increases efficiency?!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Recently, a customer went to a nearby Starbucks to order a cup of coffee. After she sat down, she found that the row of sockets that used to be against the wall were now all sealed. The customer said that these sockets were normal when he went to the store to consume, and they should have only recently been used by the store.

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Recently, a customer went to a nearby Starbucks to order a cup of coffee and found that the row of sockets against the wall were now sealed after she was seated. The customer said that when he went to the store for consumption, these sockets were normal and should have been sealed by the store recently. But she also said that at that time, only wall sockets in the store were sealed, and sockets in other locations could still be used, and it was not certain whether it was a common policy.

Coincidentally, customers in another area also found that the sockets in nearby stores were covered and could not be used, and then they were instructed by the clerk to find the uncovered sockets under the long table and were able to charge their phones.

Netizens have their own views on this. Starbucks stores with "third Space" as the selling point can often see office workers who deal with work and student parties who listen to online lessons to do homework. Their mobile phones and laptops are power-consuming devices, and they cannot be used without sockets for a long time.

So for them, the blocking of sockets is similar to a disguised rush to customers, forcing some consumers who work long hours in the store to leave before the power runs out, which is not good for store operations in the eyes of some.

But in the eyes of some consumers, the store may be doing this because there are too many people who occupy space to recharge but do not spend, so they have to use this way to persuade the Wool Party to quit.

In the store, some people do not move for a long time as soon as they turn on their mobile phones, play video games on their seats for hours, and get free boiled water to the shop assistant when they are thirsty, spending almost nothing at the end of the day. Some people will buy a cup of coffee as their office partner, but the coffee packing cup is not a green mermaid, but a blue deer.

This kind of behavior, which takes up seats to recharge but does not consume, is seen by some as bad for Starbucks' operations and will disappoint customers who are in genuine need. Therefore, the store chose to seal the socket, perhaps to euphemistically dissuade econnoisseur, so that the limited seats in the store can be given to real consumers.

It has also been pointed out that it may be because of the safety of electricity that the outlets in stores are not available to customers.

Some netizens in the comment area reported that they had seen someone in a Starbucks store use public sockets to recharge battery cars, batteries and so on. Employees also said that some guests in their store secretly used high-power appliances such as rice cookers and small hot pots to cook hot pot during rush hours, causing the smoke alarm in the store to be triggered.

These illegal use of electricity not only cause damage to businesses, but also have certain security risks, so it is not incomprehensible that stores do not allow customers to use sockets in order to avoid safety accidents.

Now sockets, Wi-Fi and other service facilities will also become one of the reasons whether customers go to coffee shops or not, and Starbucks, which pays attention to customer experience, is also popular with consumers because of its complete facilities. However, these convenient facilities are occupied by non-consumers, so that brands have to take consumer seats, seal sockets and other countermeasures to deal with these wool behavior.

Perhaps in the near future, Starbucks will come up with new measures to maintain the normal operation of its stores, reduce the consumption of resources, and provide better service to customers who spend money.

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