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Can you use blended coffee beans for hand-brewed? What is Italian style? Combination formula of Italian cold extraction

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, The concept of fine coffee released by Ms. Ena Knudsen not only makes people around the world pay attention to the quality of coffee, but also begins to pay attention to the regional flavor of the coffee growing places! Therefore, these coffees from a single origin that can express regional flavor are called "single-product coffees." Although the coffee maker

The concept of boutique coffee released by Ms. Ernusen not only makes people around the world pay attention to the quality of coffee, but also begins to pay attention to the regional flavor of coffee growing areas. Therefore, these coffee from a single place of origin, which can show the regional flavor, are called "single coffee". Although there are many ways to make coffee, if we want to easily make coffee that can "show ourselves" (with outstanding flavor), then the hand brewing with the highest fault tolerance is absolutely the best choice. Therefore, after the concept of single product has been popularized, hand punching is favored by people because of its excellent ability. Whenever people are ready to "cook" a single bean, the first thing that comes to mind is hand-brewing, and every time they mention hand-brewing coffee, they think of the production of single-item coffee, and the two are closely related to each other. gradually "tied up".

But recently, many friends have found that more and more people are using hand flushing to cook and match beans! Whether it is the boutique coffee shop that can be seen everywhere, or the world-class coffee competition. This is not forbidden friends are curious, isn't mixed beans exclusive to espresso? Why did hand-brewed coffee start to be blended?

What is matching? First of all, let's briefly talk about what a match is! Blending is the abbreviation of blending coffee beans! We can take it literally, that is, "a brand new bean made up of several beans with different characteristics"! The factors covered by the different features are:

Coffee beans from different countries

Coffee beans from the same country but from different producing areas

Coffee beans from the same producing area but from different processing plants / producing areas

Coffee beans from the same processing plant / origin, but with different treatments

It should be noted that the following condition does not fall into the category of blending coffee beans: different beans from the same place and the same treatment will give their flavor their own unique personality because of their own genes, but you should know that a variety will naturally mutate under certain circumstances, such as "bourbon is a variety of iron pickup", "Kaddura is a variety of bourbon" and so on. Without human intervention, the number of varieties in a producing area may continue to grow. Therefore, it is difficult to avoid the situation of mixing different varieties in the same coffee producing area. Although they will have their own characteristic flavor, there will not be much difference under the same treatment of the same piece of land, and more will be the flavor characteristics given by the place of origin and treatment, so, the combination of two beans from the same place and the same treatment of different bean species can not be called the combination of different beans in the traditional sense. (for example, Panamanian butterflies and Costa Rican strawberries, although they are all mixed with other beans, they are still single beans, because the origin and treatment of different beans are exactly the same.)

In the traditional sense, the mixed beans are mainly used in the production of Italian coffee, because the reason why people need to mix is largely due to the instability of the coffee beans themselves! Coffee beans belong to agricultural products and are a kind of crop that depends on heaven for food. Even if the same variety is planted on the same piece of land, its taste and quality will change with the climate change every year, so it is unstable. Then, in order to ensure the quality of the products and maintain the stability of the taste, merchants will use several beans from different producing areas to combine together to form a brand-new bean! The advantage of this is that it can dilute the importance of each bean, and when a production area is unable to hand over coffee beans of the same quality in the coming year, you can look for other coffee beans with similar flavor to replace them, because the proportion is small, so the taste will not change much after the change. This also gives a lot of room for cost control, so blended beans quickly spread and became the mainstream of espresso.

Why is the hand flush also starting to be matched? The first thing we need to know is that hand punching has never been the exclusive way of making a single product. As mentioned at the beginning, the production of a single product by hand is not only more expressive, but also has a very high fault tolerance rate. Secondly, "stable" and "cost-effective" are only two advantages of blending coffee beans, but for former coffee shops, these two advantages will be more important. Because some merchants will take advantage of these two advantages to add shoddy beans to the mix and dilute the negative taste of shoddy beans with other beans in order to make high profits, which also leads to the unfriendly impression of most people on mixed beans. However, this situation has long been a thing of the past, and blending beans is no longer synonymous with poor quality. With the guarantee of the quality of coffee beans and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, they are no longer satisfied with the stability of taste! Whether it's Italian or hand-brewed, people expect to get a better coffee experience! Blending coffee beans can do this more easily, so people begin to use blending to create a better and better coffee experience. Many merchants have begun to mix high-quality single beans to get a better taste of coffee, and the same is true for hand-brewed coffee! Then let's share the advantages of matching in Qianjie.

There is nothing absolutely perfect in the world, let alone coffee beans as crops. For example, some coffee beans have excellent flavor, but their mellow thickness and taste are relatively weak. In that case, we can make up for it by using beans that taste less impressive but taste good. For example, some coffee beans have a high sense of sweetness, but lack of layering due to their weak sour taste. As a result, we will use a coffee bean with full acidity to match and supplement, so that the final coffee is not only high sweet, but also layered!

The advantage of innovative flavor matching beans is not only to make up for the taste and taste, but also to create an unprecedented, exclusive flavor that only belongs to you by combining the characteristics of different coffee beans. And that's why many players choose to mix coffee beans.

So we can see why the use of blending coffee beans is no longer limited to the production of espresso. Hand brewing, cold extraction and other coffee production methods will be, but also has been a new stage for blending beans! All right, that's it. If a friend wants to try to mix coffee beans on his own, you can refer to the article on the front street in the link, "the underlying logic of blending coffee beans". It will tell you how to make a qualified blend of coffee beans! I wish a happy match ~