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Send a tissue? The power of Lucky's new prune coffee is so terrifying?!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Today Lucky's prune series was launched nationwide. In addition to the return of prune lattes two years ago, a new prune Americana has also been added. The power of prunes can make the public feel gastrointestinal cramps when they hear the name of the new product, and the official also knows that prunes + coffee can be used.

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Today, Lucky's west plum series is launched all over the country, in addition to the return of the simei latte two years ago, but also a new product west plum American style. The power of Xi Mei can make the public feel peristaltic when they hear the name of the new product, and officials also know the possible drinking effect of Xi Mei + coffee, so the event is limited to rare Kleenex.

It is understood that the west plum latte and west plum small iron are added with the same west plum syrup as two years ago, but the west plum American style uses Xinjiang French plum juice, from which many consumers report that they can drink authentic pulp. it also makes customers with "copper intestines and iron stomach" want to challenge the west plum drink and feel the power of west plum plus coffee.

So this morning, a customer placed an order early and immediately froze when he went to the store to pick up his meal, and there was a full piece of handkerchief packed with his drink, which made him feel uneasy. Lucky prepares so many paper towels for every consumer who buys western plum series, is it difficult to squat in the bathroom for half a day after drinking this cup?

Guests who also received a piece of handkerchief paper were surprised by Lucky's generosity. They did not expect to send so many gifts at a time that they would not have to spend money on handkerchief paper in a short period of time.

It never occurred to me that these two posts on social platforms were the envy of other lucky fans. People who bought the same limit posted photos of themselves, most of which showed a limited drink and a bag of paper towels, while a few said they bought a two-cup package to get a free gift.

As soon as the Ruixing employee who heard the sound saw the back picture of the customer's whole handkerchief paper, they directly performed a marmot screaming on the spot!

They explained that if you buy a restricted drink through Mini Program, you will buy one free; if you place an order on a third-party platform, you need to buy a specified two-cup package before you can get a giveaway, so there is no discrepancy in the surrounding gift standards. it is normal for most people to receive a cup of drink and a side.

And that whole piece of handkerchief paper is obviously a mistake. It may be that there are too many orders at the back door of the new activity, the shop assistant is busy making mistakes, or the shop assistant is confused when he doesn't wake up, so he mistakenly sends a whole piece of handkerchief paper as a peripheral.

Lucky will count the inventory around the limit, and the wrong gift from the clerk will make the inventory of the system out of line with the actual quantity, resulting in customers seeing "free gifts" when placing orders. In fact, the store can not give the surrounding situation, so as to increase the consumption of the store.

Lucky workers left messages in the comment area, asking guests who received a whole piece of paper towels to return the extra gifts to the store to prevent the clerks who made mistakes from being blamed and fined by the management.

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