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What you say is not true? Piye Coffee New Store Accused of Being Pets Unfriendly?!

Published: 2024-07-21 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Shijingshan Shougang Park is a popular online celebrity check-in spot in Beijing City in the past two years. The rough steel making furnaces and other industrial buildings in the park have become one of the background boards for young people to make films. Also because of the increasing number of tourists here, brands have entered the park and opened

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Shijingshan Shougang Park is a popular online celebrity sign-in point in Beijing in the past two years, and the rough industrial buildings such as steel furnaces in the park have become one of the background boards for young people to make films. Also because of the increasing number of tourists here, brands are stationed in the park and set up branches.

Among them, "Coffee Master" Pi Ye took a fancy to an abandoned coke quenching tower in the park and turned it into an industrial style cafe. As soon as it opened for business last weekend, it attracted netizens' attention, and many people drove to this unique store to have a cup of coffee and "extinguish their anxiety" in the coke extinguishing tower.

Due to the large area of Shougang Park and many lawns, it is very suitable for pets to play, so many pet owners will lead their own hairy children to play here. Some restaurants in the park will also use "pet-friendly" as a selling point to attract parents of Mao children to come in and spend money.

The same is true of the new Piye store, where customers take dogs to rest on the first day of business, and "pet-friendly stores" advertised by netizens can also be seen on social platforms. However, the day before yesterday, a consumer with a side shepherd entered the store to order, but was invited out of the store by the store manager, which made the guest very angry.

The customer said he saw a promotional post from the park operator, and the staff member in the comment area also said that the coffee shop should be pet-friendly, so he drove to the store for an hour to clock in on the opening day. When he arrived at the store, his own child did not frighten the other guests, so he stayed with him obediently. But the person in charge of the store invited her out of the door on the grounds of "there are children in the store" and refused to let her and his side shepherd enter the store.

Most pet owners know that pets are an uncertain factor, and understand that some people are afraid of hairy children in public places, so they mostly visit pet-friendly coffee shops. They will also consciously avoid restaurants marked "No pets".

However, the newly opened Piye store has no obvious forbidden reminders, and there are sharing posts on social media from netizens who visit the store with pet, so in the eyes of some people, this is supposed to be a "pet-friendly" coffee shop. But this is not the case.

Many parents of hairy children say that if store employees are worried that their pets will frighten the human cubs in the store, they can put up a sign saying "pets are not allowed" in a conspicuous position to inform consumers of the entry requirements in advance. Instead of promoting "pet friendliness" all the time, it actually shuts out owners and pets, making consumers happy.

At present, the customer contacted the operator of Shougang Park to confirm that pets are not excluded in the park. However, the Pi Yeh store has not yet been contacted, and it is not clear whether the store has any specific requirements for customers who bring in pet.

Netizens believe that nowadays the weather is getting hotter and hotter, so tourists and pets who sign in at the store are not suitable for staying outdoors for a long time. The store should clarify the rules on whether pets are allowed to enter the store as soon as possible and inform them in advance so as not to be left empty by admiring pet bearers.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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