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Why is there no concentrate in coffee? Maybe the barista is crazy with the order!!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine The coffee workshop first fills a cup of ice water, picks up the handle and puts it on the bean grinder, takes a portion of coffee powder, spreads it flat and compacts it, presses it on the brew head, places a shot cup, and finally pour the concentrated water to ~ This is the action that countless baristas have engraved into their muscular memories, and every action has long been made.

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First load a cup of ice water, pick up the handle card grinder, take a coffee powder cloth flat, compacted, boil the head on the card, put a shot cup, and finally pour the concentrate into the muscle memory of countless baristas. This is an action that countless baristas have carved into muscle memory, and every action has long been skillful. It can be said that as long as it is still that bar, it can be done even if it is blindfolded.

However, sometimes in the face of scenes that are too busy to take off, no matter how skilled the baristas are, they will still fail. After all, in front of hundreds of cups of daily life, there is no time to drink water or go to the toilet, or even the machine can "smoke". Who cares about producing every cup of coffee slowly? at this time, baristas must have only one goal in mind, and that is: hurry! Hurry up! Hurry up!

As we all know, once people are busy, they are easy to make mistakes, and baristas are no exception. Just take a look at the "brand new products" in the hands of these "winning" guests.

Remember to pour ice water, remember to put a paper cover, is to forget the coffee, a cup of iced American coffee with a "concentration of zero" was born.

With this clear orange latte, only milk is left.

Only achieve the "ice Portugal", not the "American" ice Portugal American style

Although Tira Misu is missing, it is also a cup full of lattes, which is not too bad

Bring your own cup and hand it over in exchange for a transparent concentrated 😂.

Reasonable doubt! The American concentrate of ice orange has gone to the iced American coffee next door!

Hand, pounding, ice, lime. All right, just one less "coffee"!

The classic drink, Xueding Coffee, ate a full snow top without a sip of coffee.

It's American, American with milk flavor!

I'm afraid it's not a "heavy coffee" but a "light one".

For all kinds of old photos posted by netizens, many baristas simply want to howl, "Don't mention the past." Mistakes in this kind of operation are usually attributed to a large number of orders in the store, coupled with a shortage of manpower, or an inadvertent mistake caused by a brain outage caused by the coffee maker who didn't wake up early in the morning.

Some customers once observed when they were waiting for coffee in Manner that it only took tens of seconds for a barista to produce a cup of standard American style, and it only took a minute to cover and package it, even if he looked at the whole coffee circle, it could be regarded as a "fantastic" existence.

In coffee shops where "digital" and "intelligent" are more popular, such as Ruixing and Cudy, employees mostly rely on automation, and every time an order breaks, everyone is too busy to take off. it takes only 10 seconds a minute to produce a drink. If you order during the morning rush hour and happen to be alone on duty, the shop assistant may be too busy to get confused, so forgetting to pour the coffee is also a common occurrence.

So as consumers, we don't have to rush to give bad comments after we see this kind of situation, we might as well give feedback directly to the shop assistant, let the other side redo it on the spot, or apply for a refund operation.

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