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Lavazza× Lamborghini jointly launched a new product and presented a snow pot to attract attention!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Nowadays, whether it is the fashion circle, the cosmetics industry, film and television works, art culture, museums or the automotive industry, it seems that they all like cross-border joint tea or coffee brands. On June 11, luxury car brand Automobili L

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Nowadays, whether it is the fashion circle, the make-up industry, film and television works, art and culture, museums or the automobile industry, they all seem to like cross-border joint tea or coffee brands.

Luxury car brand Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. Announced on its website that it would partner with Italian brand Rabasa Coffee Lavazza.

Through this partnership, Lavazza and Lamborghini will organize events in Italian and international markets, including the provision of coffee experiences. In addition, visitors to the Lamborghini Automotive Museum will have the opportunity to enjoy Lavazza Rabasa coffee while exploring the most iconic models in history.

Today, Lavazza Rabasa Coffee Officer announced the launch of the limited edition Lamborghini joint coffee "Shake Shake Series" in China, with a special snow pot, claiming to be "coffee made by the guests themselves", including "midsummer mango coconut" and "pineapple sea". The price of two cups is 48. If you buy a designated coffee package at the store, you can get two cooperative brands to launch a joint mobile phone lanyard.

Under the mainstream trend of "new and co-signed every day" in the current beverage circle, cross-border cooperation is no longer a rare novelty, and many consumers are used to the appearance of two brands that are not related to each other. But when I heard that the partner of Lavazza was the top sports car maker Lamborghini, this year's netizens could not sit still and wanted to place an order quickly to have "the first Lamborghini of my life".

You know, for most of us workers, a Lamborghini may not be able to afford it, but a perimeter with a Lamborghini logo is more than enough, and coffee is essential every working day. As a result, a new round of robbing the surrounding wind hit again, and blew along the network to office buildings all over the country.

"Young people's first Lamborghini", "walking on the road with a Lamborghini bag", "the closest Lamborghini to Lamborghini", "I also have Lamborghini", "what a high-end co-signature, I also have Lamborghini (mobile phone rope)!" , "I am also a Lamborghini user (mobile lanyard version)" …... Comments like this keep coming out, and you can feel that people spend money on a cup of coffee to experience the joy of owning a luxury car brand.

It is worth noting that in this joint event, in addition to the mobile phone lanyard, the new standard "shaking cup" with Lamborghini's iconic logo also attracts the attention of consumers.

Lavazza makes the cup for coffee into the shape of a snow pot, and comes with a "shake" guide for customers to participate in the production of coffee. It is understood that this cup can not only act as a snow pot directly shake up, using PP material, so it also supports reuse, at a time to meet a number of wishes, instantly let these netizens deeply moved.

Thus it can be seen that as long as the fame and influence of the co-branded brands are big enough and the surrounding areas can win the hearts of consumers, then it will naturally produce an effect of 1: 1 > 2, which broadens the spread speed in an astonishing range.

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