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Starbucks members have undergone major adjustments and added diamond stars. User: It's too bad!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop "I have a hundred stars, the upgrade should be stable? "Recently, Starbucks fans are counting the stars they have accumulated in the Star Club while waiting for June 20. Because starting tomorrow, Starbucks 'membership level system will

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"I have a hundred stars. Should the upgrade be stable?" Recently, Starbucks fans waited for June 20 as they counted the stars they had accumulated in the Starbucks Club. Because from tomorrow, Starbucks membership hierarchy will change.

Starbucks Club is a customer loyalty program launched by Starbucks since 2008. After registering as a member of the club, customers can get stars for their cumulative consumption. The more these stars accumulate, the higher the membership level. Compared with other brands, Starbucks has only three membership levels: silver star, jade star and gold star.

The great change in the membership system is to add another membership level called "Diamond Star" to the gold star level. If the most senior Venus members accumulate 100 registered stars within last year, their membership system will be automatically upgraded to diamond star members tomorrow.

The new membership level will also bring more benefits to Starbucks fans. Diamond star members can enjoy all the preferential rights and interests of the original gold star, and on this basis, they will also get more services, such as giving priority to the production of fast orders, enjoying Starbucks free queuing experience, and getting limited bear store manager gifts on their birthdays. Free experience of the bakery and so on.

In addition, Starbucks will launch joint membership with Hilton Hotels, which should be a good benefit for people who often need to travel. The rights and interests of other membership levels are also adjusted, such as all members can enjoy an one-star cup service, birthday gifts add cake options, members can choose one of the two, and so on.

From this point of view, Starbucks membership system changes can be said to be significant, after 02:30 today, the system began to upgrade, coffee fast, star delivery and other services are temporarily unable to provide. Most fans can be said to be full of expectations for the new membership system, but some people say that "the new rights and interests are a little empty."

Like the free experience of the bakery benefit, according to the details of the benefit revealed by employees, the benefit is limited to Shanghai bakeries, and non-Shanghai users have to go all the way if they want to experience it.

In addition, the joint members of the brand and Hilton Hotel are not favored by consumers. It is understood that Starbucks gold star or diamond star members need to complete a time-limited challenge task in order to upgrade to Hilton gold card members. However, many netizens said that the threshold set by other brands working with Hilton is lower than that set by Starbucks' associate members. "this is a little worse than a gold deposit, and it will take several nights to stay."

After being seated by consumers, Starbucks will make a major adjustment to its membership level, which has been used for more than ten years. It can be seen that brand owners gradually attach importance to the consumer experience of loyal users, hoping to capture the hearts of fans through new membership rights and exclusive services, so that they can continue to spend for a long time in order to avoid relegation or upgrade.

However, loyal users think that the brand's new rights and interests seem to be "high-end", but in fact it is difficult to benefit most people, the practicality is greatly reduced, and people do not have the idea of continuing to spend. They also hope that brands can design members' rights and interests based on the actual needs of users, so that users can feel value for money from member services.

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