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Too much moisture? Expert advice: Drinking coffee can eliminate dampness!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop This year, Guangdong has a lot of rain and the air humidity is so heavy that many people can grow mushrooms in the corners of their homes, and the effervescent tablets in packaging bottles can effervescent themselves. You can imagine the humidity of the external air. If a person is in a humid environment for a long time, the body will become self-contained.

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There are many Rain Water in Guangdong this year, and the air humidity is so high that mushrooms can grow in the corners of many people's homes, and the effervescent tablets in the bottle can effervescent by itself, so you can imagine the humidity of the external air. And if people are in a humid environment for a long time, the body will naturally be too wet, and many friends may already feel some uncomfortable symptoms in their bodies.

As a result, Guangdong people's necessary anti-dampness drinks began to be arranged on the table, all kinds of tea bags, stew, herbal tea appeared in turn in front of their eyes, silently reminding people to drink quickly to remove dampness. However, tea bags, stews and the like are slow to take effect, and the taste of traditional Chinese medicine is not acceptable to everyone, which may make people drink it for a few days.

If you replace it with anti-dampness herbal tea, you may feel some effect after a few cups, but you may not be able to eat the bitterness brought by this traditional Chinese medicine, and you will be persuaded to quit just smelling the taste of herbal tea, let alone drink it. Therefore, for the friends who are in urgent need of removing moisture, this "road of moisture dissipation" is really not easy to go at all.

Is there a drink that can not only remove dampness, but also make it easier for friends to accept and stick to it? There is! Recently, an expert said in an interview with a TV reporter that people with heavy moisture can remove the moisture from their bodies by drinking coffee.

The expert explained that coffee beans are roasted after picking, and the roasting process of coffee beans is similar to the processing of traditional Chinese medicine, which can turn coffee beans into warm. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the expert believes that fundamentally speaking, warm sex has the function of removing dampness and dryness, so coffee can play a certain role in removing moisture in the human body.

The news overjoyed coffee lovers. Coffee shops are springing up everywhere, and many workers can't do without caffeine for a day, and some need to drink two or three cups a day to stay awake. When they heard the news, they said one after another that "there is another reason to drink coffee", "to remove dampness, it seems that we should drink more", "it seems that we must drink a cup every day, and some people even shout that coffee should be included in health insurance."

However, everyone has different physique and different tolerance to coffee. Experts warn that there are two types of people who are not suitable to use coffee to remove dampness. One is those who can't sleep after drinking coffee, and the other is those who are too angry. She said that the bodies of such people have already signaled the need for rest, so drinking refreshing drinks such as coffee can be counterproductive and put an extra burden on the body.

In addition, although coffee is effective, it is not suitable for excessive consumption. It is necessary to control the daily consumption. Some netizens also warned that in addition to drinking moderate amounts, we should also avoid drinking iced coffee.

When summer comes, many people will try to cool off and drink too much ice drink, but from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, drinking too much ice drink will aggravate the moisture in the body and is not conducive to dispelling dampness. Therefore, although coffee can preserve health and dispel dampness, friends should drink it correctly so as not to dispel too much moisture in the body, but also aggravate the symptoms.

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