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Emotional collapse! Manner clerk waved coffee powder and splashed it at customers!

Published: 2024-07-21 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| At noon today at the Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory, a video of a Manner clerk arguing with a customer appeared on social media. The incident occurred around 10 a.m. on June 17. In the video, it is suspected that the customer urged the clerk to prepare as soon as possible due to the slow delivery of food on site.

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At noon this afternoon, a video of a Manner clerk arguing with a customer appeared on social media.

The incident took place around 10: 00 a. M. on June 17. In the video, the customer urged the shop assistant to make it as soon as possible, suspected of being too slow to serve food at the scene. One of the clerks in the bar broke down in the customer's reminder and raised his hand and spilled all the freshly ground coffee powder on the customer's face, so that the customer's face and body were covered with coffee powder.

When the spilled customer showed that he wanted to complain, the clerk kept shouting "you complain" and "you call" to the customer. During the dispute, the clerk screamed, "I said I'd return your order." I can't wait to complain, "pat the bar to vent their excitement. Another clerk at the bar was frightened by the aggressive behavior of her colleagues. She hugged someone during the conflict and tried to appease each other, but to no avail.

As the incident went viral, netizens thought that the surveillance video took less than two minutes, making it inconvenient to judge the faults of both sides of the conflict. At present, the brand has responded that the headquarters learned of the situation in the store last night and said it would deal with the matter seriously, and the store involved has changed its staff and is still open. The employee who spilled coffee powder has been laid off.

Earlier in the day, another Manner store in the same city had a dispute between a clerk and a customer. In the surveillance video posted by netizens, the staff of the store yelled at customers for frequently pressing orders, saying, "I told you to wait ten minutes, or get out before you wait."

The customer who quarreled with him immediately took out his mobile phone and filmed the store and employees, saying they wanted to expose the employee's behavior and complain. The shop assistant angrily yelled at each other, "what right do you have to shoot" and once tried to snatch the video phone, but was dodged by customers outside the bar. As the customer quarreled with the clerk while recording, the words irritated each other, causing the clerk to get out of the bar to argue with the customer and tried to grab the phone to delete the video.

In the process of scrambling for mobile phones and pushing, the customer kicked the clerk, and the already emotional clerk fought back. It was not until passers-by noticed that they hurriedly came forward to separate the two people who were fighting. However, as of press time, the beating incident has not been reported by the media, and the brand has not responded to the matter.

Manier offline stores have been understaffed. Employees have repeatedly complained on social platforms that the brand's shift arrangement, staffing, and so on are unreasonable. In some stores, an employee is often on duty, and it is a common phenomenon in some stores, such as going to the bathroom on time and being ordered by customers, so that "slow to eat during rush hour" has become one of the labels of Manner stores.

In response, some loyal users were distressed when they saw Manner employees busy many times and spoke for them on the platform, saying that the brand should arrange more people for the stores to ensure the efficiency of dining and improve the quality of service. Some guests also expressed concern about the state of the stressed clerks. "it looks like it's going to break" and "the shop assistant's little brother is making coffee calmly and crazily."

With regard to the two recent disputes, most netizens think that although the brand has dismissed the employees involved, they should also pay attention to the problem of excessive physical and mental pressure on the shop staff. take relevant measures to fundamentally avoid similar conflicts between shop assistants and consumers.

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