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Can I drink fruit in black coffee? How to make cold extract coffee better?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, As the body temperature gradually reaches into his thirties, we will receive at least one message asking us to write cold extract coffee every day in the front street and backstage. So today, let us continue to "deeply explore" the topic of cold extract! There are actually not many ways to play cold extract coffee. Because under the limitations of two conditions of low temperature and slow soaking,

With the somatosensory temperature gradually reaching more than 30, Qianjie backstage will receive at least one message asking us to write cold coffee every day, so let's continue to dig deep into the topic of cold extraction today.

In fact, there is not much about how to play cold coffee. Because under the limitations of low temperature and slow soaking, we want to interfere with the taste. Apart from the coffee bean itself, the three major factors that can be changed are water quantity, water temperature, grinding degree, and the influence of the details such as soaking method (bag soaking) and water quality, so is there no other way to play?

One afternoon, the front street looked at a pile of unfinished fruit on the table, thinking that it could not be wasted. Since the fruit can make tea and coffee can also be used as a cold extract, why not put them together in a CP and soak them together?

Practical stage

Considering that the cold extract does not allow the "coffee flavor" to be much higher than the fruit flavor, or the fruit flavor masks the coffee flavor, Qianjie will soak each kind of fruit with a coffee bean. Known fruits include blueberries, grapes, lemons, and peaches, which are paired with four types of coffee to form the following combinations:

10g blueberry + Kenyan AA washing + (flavor: small tomato, black plum, berry flavor) 20g grape + Esseldama sun (flavor: pink flower, berry, fructose) 2 slices of lemon + Colombian orange soda (flavor: orange juice, tangerine peel, citrus) 20g peach + Costa Rican strawberry candy (flavor: strawberry jam, raisin, rose)

Parameters for making cold-extracted coffee: coffee beans: 20g water ratio: 1:10 (200ml normal temperature water) grind: fine sugar (EK43s grinding scale 9.5g) soaking time: 12h (filter and then refrigerate for 2h) extraction method: fruit crushed / sliced, directly soaked in coffee powder

Tasting link

Kenya + blueberry: it smells elegant blueberry fruit, with Kenyan black plum and dark berry acidity in the mouth, followed by sweet blueberry and caramel aroma, although it lacks the rich aroma of small tomatoes, but the cold extract taste has a good mellow thickness and refreshing tone, which is very suitable for summer taste.

Sun Sidama + Grape: can smell the elegant aroma of cold extract with berries, drink is very clear grape juice and sun coffee unique fermentation aroma, clear texture, sweet and sour juicy, tail rhyme accompanied by Hawthorn, black tea characteristics, is the four pots of cold extract of the most impressive group.

Orange soda + lemon: before tasting, the fragrance of fresh lemon goes straight to the nose of Qianjie, mixed with a little lemongrass and other unique fragrance. But in terms of taste, the performance of this combination is not ideal. The entrance is the astringent taste of citrus peel, green tea, and the irritating acidity of lemon. After swallowing, the tongue still has an uncomfortable acerbity.

(the picture is for reference only. There is no lemon soaking in the front street.)

Strawberry candy + peach: because the peach is not crushed in Qianjie, but directly soaked in slices, the cover can only smell the aroma of strawberry jam, but the fragrance of peach is not obvious. However, when tasting, there will be dried apricot fruit, ripe strawberries and slightly fermented wine. Compared with the regular strawberry sugar, the coffee soaked with fresh peaches is much more fruity and sweet.

Sum up experience

Through this experiment, Qianjie believes that if we want fresh fruit and coffee to become a pair full of CP, thus showing a juicy and sweet cold coffee, we should first consider whether this fruit is suitable for soaking and how to soak it to get a good flavor. Take Guangzhou, where Qianjie is located, for example, there are many kinds of fruits in daily contact, but they are suitable for soaking all night, and the ones that match the "coffee flavor" are relatively few, mainly berries, drupes and tropical fruits.

For example, berries, we can choose grapes, blueberries, raspberries, mulberries, it is best to use tools to crush the juice and then soak; drupes can pick peaches, apricots, cherries and so on, try to cut thin slices before soaking, can better release the fruit flavor; tropical fruits have pineapple, litchi and so on, these are relatively difficult to roll over.

The second is to choose the coffee beans to match. Because we want to consider the balance of flavor, Qianjie suggests selecting light to moderate roasted beans for extraction. Then Africa and Central America, which are rich in floral and fruit-conditioned coffee, are our main goals. Specific guidelines for cold extraction beans, you can review Qianjie's past article: "Boss, is there any recommendation for cold-extracted coffee beans?"


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