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What books are suitable for learning coffee? Which book is the most useful for getting started and advanced by barista?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, When it comes to understanding coffee, you can find entry points everywhere in daily life. You can search for information online, such as reading articles on Qianjie, going to the store to interact with the barista, or watching a coffee-related movie. Of course, if you want to achieve a "quick" effect in a short period of time, you can directly spend money

When it comes to understanding coffee, you can find a starting point everywhere in your daily life. You can search for information online, such as reading articles on Qianjie, go to the store to interact with baristas, or watch a coffee-related movie. Of course, if you want to achieve a "quick" effect in a short period of time, you can just pay for a class to study.

But no matter which way you choose to get started, as long as you have the intention of becoming a professional barista one day, then reading is a must. A good book on coffee can not only lead us to step into the interesting world of coffee more easily, but also solve the problems and puzzles encountered in hands-on operation, while a good book on coffee can help us to effectively consolidate the basic framework of coffee knowledge and understand the delicious drinks in our hands more scientifically.

The following front street combines the exclusive collection of books, from entry to advanced, to take an inventory of those things that are suitable for coffee lovers to read carefully, and are worth learning.

Basic Coffee Book list

"you don't understand coffee."

Author: Shiwei Zhiguang this is a picture and text book read before Qianjie became a barista, the content is more suitable for beginners, known as "coffee control must-read classic". The author gives a relatively comprehensive introduction to the origin and production of coffee, the knowledge in the book is easy to understand, and with a lot of hand-painted illustrations, it is easier to read.

World Coffee Map (second Edition)

Author: James Hoffman

Friends who often visit stores should often see this book, which was written by WBC champion James Hoffmann in 2007. The book gives a more comprehensive account of the knowledge related to coffee beans, and also covers the introduction of the major coffee-producing countries on three continents around the world. It is a book that can be read at any time for reference. It is also suitable for people who already have a basic understanding and understanding of coffee to be used as tool books to fill the knowledge gap.

The Fine Coffee Science of Maruyama Coffee by Shibata Bookstore

As the founder of Maruyama Coffee, Kentaro Maruyama took the initiative to go deep into the growing areas of coffee, contacted the source of boutique coffee, and created a business model of direct trade with farmers. This book is not thick, it mainly introduces how Maruyama Coffee implements the concept of "seed to cup", from the purchase of coffee beans to the participation of roasting, brewing, production, sales and other links. Reading it is like watching a movie that is still memorable for a long time.

"handmade coffee"

Author: Jessica Esteau & Andreas Wilhoff

This is a practical guide to coffee brewing, the book is not thick, there are many questions about extraction, the book can give us answers. Compared with other coffee books, this book is more portable and portable.

Guide to Household Coffee brewing by James Hoffman

In fact, it wasn't long before the book started on the street, and the author Hoffman introduced the current mainstream coffee brewing methods to readers from the perspective of a professional barista, so that you can unlock a variety of high-quality daily coffee more efficiently at home. The language in the book is close to the dialogue mode and has the style of his previous videos, so it won't be boring to read.

List of required readings for entry and advanced reading

Bean Hunter & Bean Hunter 2 by Xu Baolin

I believe you can feel from the title that the contents of these two books must be inseparable from the source of the cultivation of boutique coffee beans, recording the author's experiences and experiences while looking for beans in Africa and Central and South America, providing readers with a close look at the operations and experiences of farmers and the stories behind them. The content is interesting but there is no lack of professionalism, it can be used as a travel note to watch, suitable for every coffee practitioner and enthusiast to read.

Boutique Coffee Science (Volume 1 and Volume 2) by Han Huaizong

This book is divided into two volumes, both of which are thick and have the name of "Coffee ci Hai". It not only contains strong professional content, but also has a large amount of knowledge related to coffee, so it is a must-read book for practitioners. The first volume mainly introduces the origin of the three major waves of coffee, a brief history of coffee, as well as the common varieties and main producing areas of coffee beans; the second volume explains in detail a series of industry contents, such as coffee tasting, cup testing, flavor wheel and basic extraction methods, which are worth reading and understanding over and over again.

Taguchi's Coffee equation

Author: Taguchi nurse, Danbu Xingbo

This is a professional book on coffee written by coffee theorist Taguchi and another scientist who studies microbes and genes. in the form of "scientific argumentation + rules of thumb" to explain how to get a good cup of coffee. The only drawback is that because the book is printed vertically, it will be difficult to read.

"fall in love with hand-made coffee"

Authors: Taguchi nurse, Yamada Koichi

This book focuses on the logic and techniques of hand-brewing coffee and is very suitable for coffee lovers who plan to make coffee at home or refine their own brewing skills. Vertical printing is also used, while friends who are used to horizontal printing will take some time to correct it.

The Science of Coffee Flavor by Cui Luoyan

Many people fall in love with coffee deeply, inseparable from the fragrance emitted. Using scientific principles, this book systematically tells the secrets of aroma, explores thousands of aromas in coffee beans, and provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of how aromas are produced, operated and changed. so that the flavor of boutique coffee is no longer "metaphysics".

Coffee major development book list

The fourth Wave of Fine Coffee by Han Huaizong

This should be the thickest of all the books mentioned in this article, and it is also a coffee professional book with high gold content, but the disadvantage is that it is too heavy to hold and read. At a time when the fourth wave of coffee has taken shape, the author makes an in-depth interpretation of the four modules of new varieties, new producing areas, new post-processing methods, baking and gold cups, and it can be said that the whole book is practical information.

The Science of Coffee Bean roasting & the extraction Science of Italian Coffee & the Science of Coffee brewing author: Scott Rao

With the name of "baking master" and the author's Scott Rao, he can be said to be a household name in the circle. These books interpret the principles behind the roasting and brewing process of coffee from a scientific point of view, and briefly explain the brewing system of coffee, which is concise and professional, and is aimed at all groups of coffee lovers. However, in these three books, individual chapters were edited many years ago, and some details may be different from the current operation in the industry, so we still need to judge objectively when we read them.

The author of Coffee Physics: Jonathan Bauer

The author of this book likes to think about the principle of coffee brewing. From the perspective of physics and hydrochemistry, he probes deeply into the actual operation of coffee infiltration, extraction, grinding, and other brewing levels. It is a coffee brewing book based on scientific logic, suitable for friends who have changed from enthusiasts to professionals.

Of course, in addition to the list of books listed in Qianjie, there are many good books about the coffee industry and the popular science of brewing knowledge, which will not be elaborated here. Finally, I wish you all a pleasant reading.


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