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Introduction to Costa Rica's 2024 COE Water Washing Group Champion Santa Teresa Estate

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, In the coffee growing belt, the Americas are located in the coffee growing belt. There are many famous coffee growing countries in the Americas, such as Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, etc. Among them, Costa Rica is the first in Central America. Famous for growing coffee and bananas for commercial value. Costa

In the coffee growing belt, the American region happens to be in the coffee growing belt, and there are many famous coffee growing countries in the Americas, such as Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala and so on. Costa Rica is famous as the first country in Central America to grow coffee and bananas for commercial value.

Costa Rica Costa Rica

Costa Rica, located in the Central American Strait, is a land and sea country. And a Costa Rican from Spanish, which means "rich coast".

Nearly 30% of the country's land is national parks or nature reserves, the national forest coverage is 52.38%, the climate is tropical and subtropical, and the country has more than 200 volcanoes. Volcanic ash is rich in minerals in the soil, coupled with mild and suitable temperatures. Rain Water, abundant, makes the country's agriculture developed, is the world's important exporter of pineapple, banana and coffee.

Coffee producing area

There are seven coffee producing areas in Costa Rica, namely: the Western Valley (Valley Central Occidental), the Central Valley (Valley Central), the Tarazu (Tarrazu), the Sanshui River (Tres Rios), Orosi (Orosi), Brunca (Bronka) and Turrialba (Duli Alba). Almost all of these areas are distributed in the central mountains.

Los Santos Los Santos: Los Santos is an ancient growing area in central Costa Rica, located in the province of San Jose, and includes administrative areas such as the town of Tarazu Tarrazu, the town of multi-tower Dota, and Leon Corx Leon Cortes Castro.

Los Santos is affected by warm and humid air currents from the Pacific Ocean, with annual rainfall of 2400 mm and an average temperature of 19 ℃. Coffee grows at an altitude of 1500m to 2100m. Unique climatic conditions, abundant precipitation and fertile volcanic ash soil provide an excellent environment for coffee beans to grow.

However, because the Tara beads in this area became famous first, gradually some people became accustomed to dividing them into large categories of producing areas by "Tarrazu beads", and Tarazhu became more and more famous. Moreover, in 2019, the Costa Rican government registered the coffee origin name "Caf é de Tarraz ú" with the European Union and the World intellectual property Organization (WIPO), with the aim of protecting the world's unique Taragu producing area and Tarazu coffee.

Therefore, there are many well-known coffee farms in this producing area, such as Santa Teresa, which won the champion of Costa Rica's COE washing group in 2024 with a score of 92.04.

Santa Teresa of St. Teresa Manor

The current owner of St. Teresa's estate is ROGER URE Select A HIDALGO,ROGER, whose family has always been mainly coffee growers, so ROGER has been learning about coffee cultivation since childhood. Later, for some time, ROGER went to the United States to work to earn money, then returned to Costa Rica to expand the family's coffee plantation, and later bought his own coffee processing plant, which is currently run by his son Alex Ure ñ a.

Located in the 1900-2050 m area of the Central Mountains, St. Teresa Manor currently grows many varieties, such as Rosa Geisha, Sudan Rumey rume sudan, Pakamara pacamara, San Roque and so on.

In fact, as early as 2022, St. Teresa Manor began to participate in the COE competition, and won the eighth place at that time, and the ninth place in 2023, and won the champion of the washing group this year.

In addition, the estate has been certified under the Blue Flag Costa Rica program, which sets standards for the evaluation and certification of communities, schools and businesses in terms of waste management, water conservation, energy efficiency and the promotion of environmental protection education. It can be said that the manor attaches great importance to environmental protection, so the manor can repeatedly achieve good results in the COE competition.