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What is the difference between espresso, hand-brewed, three-stage, and one-stage brewing? The origin of American coffee, what should I do?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/21, There are many professional terms in the field of coffee. Although they may sound very different, they actually express completely different meanings. Just like espresso, American coffee, drip coffee, etc., although they all have a "style", some words are the name of a cup of coffee, and some words are a name for making.

There are a lot of professional terms in the field of coffee, and although they may sound big or bad, they actually have very different meanings. Just like espresso, American coffee, drip filter coffee and so on, although they all have a "style", some words are the name of a cup of coffee, some words are the name of a production method, and some words are a general term for a class of coffee, each of which is different!

It is easy for beginners to be covered by the word "style", so Qianjie will share some of these different names with "style". What do they all mean?

What is espresso? At first, espresso refers to espresso made by a semi-automatic coffee machine! Because this kind of coffee machine originated in Italy, it is called espresso, and the semi-automatic coffee machine that makes it is called Italian coffee machine.

However, as many people cannot accept this small cup of high concentration coffee, it is necessary to dilute the bitterness and concentration of coffee by adding various "ingredients". So from then on, espresso is no longer just espresso, but a general name! Using espresso as the base and adding various ingredients to make fancy coffee can be called "espresso". Latte, cappuccino, Australian white and so on all belong to Italian coffee.

What is American coffee? American coffee is one of the Italian families mentioned above, a coffee made from a mixture of concentrate and water! During World War II, American soldiers first came into contact with espresso, as you might think, espresso is really too strong and bitter, American soldiers taste so light, how to get used to it! (double bet) so let the store pour the concentrate into the water to dilute it.

Unexpectedly, espresso mixed with water is very popular, because it is very in line with the light taste of American soldiers, so more and more soldiers begin to ask stores to dilute the concentrate into the water. In order to make it more convenient to call it, the store named the cup of coffee after "American coffee".

What is drip coffee? Drip filter refers to a way of making coffee, which we can simply understand as "filter", because the coffee powder is placed in a filter and then extracted with water. Because of the filter, only liquid coffee will seep out of the appliance, and the coffee powder will be isolated. Such a kind of extraction method is called "trickling filter". The coffee made in this way is drip coffee. Filter paper, flannel filter cloth, filter screen and so on are all filter utensils that can isolate coffee powder.

Now that we mention drip filter, let's talk about "soaking". Similarly, it is also a way of making coffee, but soaking coffee is easier to make, because we only need to put the water and coffee powder together to soak!

The reason for mentioning it is that immersion extraction is quite different from trickling extraction. Compared with trickling extraction, immersion extraction does not rely so much on kinetic energy brought by external forces. It only needs to determine the soaking time according to the dissolution efficiency of water. After that, you can get a cup of delicious coffee that tastes good. Because it greatly reduces the influence factors of artificial brewing, so immersion extraction can better reflect the taste of coffee itself! But it is also because of this, the coffee extracted by it can not have a richer level of performance like drip coffee.

Three-paragraph form, one-paragraph form in addition to the above "form", we will also see what three-paragraph form, one-paragraph form, and other nouns in some coffee articles. These are different. The nouns mentioned above all refer to coffee itself, or how it is made. And three-stage, one-stage follow-up does not have the word convergence of coffee, because they do not refer to coffee, but refers to the brewing method of coffee!

It can be said that among a large number of trickling extraction, the most popular extraction method is hand flushing! Because hand-made coffee has a lot of playability. We can study different brewing methods through the control of water temperature, grinding, time and other parameters, and the taste of coffee will eventually be different because of the different parameters attached to these methods. The three-stage style and one-stage style are two of the cooking techniques. So we can know that although some nouns sound very similar, they have completely different meanings! We must not generalize.


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