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Again! Again! Manner's clerk was injured by a customer!

Published: 2024-07-21 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/07/21, ▲ Click to pay attention| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Factory exposed conflicts between employees and customers at two Manner stores yesterday. Several Manner-related terms hit hot searches, causing widespread discussions from all walks of life. At the same time, a relationship with Manner appeared on social media

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Yesterday, two Manner stores exposed conflicts between employees and customers, and a number of Manner-related entries rushed into hot search, causing extensive discussion from all walks of life.

Meanwhile, a third video related to Manner appeared on social media. The incident took place in a store in a mall on May 22. The customer in the video appeared to have an argument with a male clerk because he could not get a meal. Excited, the customer went around the bar and shouted curses at the male clerk, pushing and shoving the female clerk who was trying to persuade the two to fight.

In the course of the dispute, there was a physical clash, and the customer grabbed the items on the table and threw them at the shop assistant, and rushed up to beat him, resulting in the male clerk being injured. The security guard of the mall rushed to the scene after the conflict, but failed to stop the customer from beating the shop assistant in time.

According to netizens, someone called the police at the scene after the incident, and the customer compensated the clerk 1000 yuan after the police arrived for mediation, but the brand asked the clerk to return the money to the customer after learning about the incident and asked him to apologize to the customer.

At present, the staff of the mall where the store is located responded that in order to ensure accuracy and authority, we can pay attention to the official announcement of the brand, the brand will enter the investigation into the incident, the investigation results will be announced in time, and the mall will cooperate fully. However, as of press time, Manner officials have not responded to customers' beating of shop assistants and netizens' revelations that the company asked employees to return compensation.

The three videos that have appeared on social media have undoubtedly exposed the problems between Manner employees and customers. There are also different opinions in the discussion on the Internet. Among them, the interface news pointed out that the reason why Manner employees will vent their stress and grievances on customers may be related to the rapid expansion of Manner.

According to Qihai Brand Monitoring, Manner has opened an average of 2 new stores a day since September 2023. According to narrow door Eye data, MANNER opened 45 new stores in November 2023. Accelerating the pace of expansion allowed Manner to open its 1000th store faster than expected and dared to announce a new goal of 2000 stores. Compared with the rate at which only three stores were opened in Shanghai in the first three years of its establishment, Manner is now expanding at a rate that has doubled.

However, the expansion of store size does not mean the expansion of personnel structure. Some Manner employees revealed to the media that the company's personnel arrangement, function distribution, working hours and so on, are unreasonable.

The employee said that the brand allocates manpower according to store performance, and some stores with less than 5000 of daily turnover are usually "one member, one store," and employees need to undertake all the work of making coffee, sorting out goods, ordering, and so on. Due to the shortage of manpower, some shop assistants have to work from 7 a.m. to 10:00, dare not leave their posts, and take time to go to the bathroom and eat.

Such a high-intensity work pace will inevitably lead to the shop assistant's negligence, so when a customer complains about a certain problem, the first way for the brand to deal with the customer complaint is to directly withdraw the order, and the employee causing the complaint is issued a warning order by the headquarters. once three lists are collected, they will be dismissed by the brand.

It is worth noting that the work under such intensity did not get the ideal salary level in the eyes of the employees.

Even in first-tier cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, Manner baristas earn around 5000 a month, according to Manner employees. If employees work overtime crazily and give up two days off, they will get an extra reward. And employees need to listen to the company at any time to send to any store to work, the scheduling time is also absolutely dominated by the company.

People in the industry said that at present, the overall salary level of the barista industry has regressed from its peak around 2021. By comparison, the salary of Manner baristas is high in the industry, which is why people are still joining the company one after another.

However, while Manner is racing and improving the scale of stores, it is difficult to find a balance in the management of employees, operational efficiency, customer experience and other aspects, resulting in unreasonable institutional arrangements, virtually prompting frequent conflicts between employees and consumers, making the brand into public opinion.

In the long run, there will still be similar contradictions between shop assistants and customers, which will aggravate the dissatisfaction of all sectors of the community with the brand, and make the corporate image more and more damaged.

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